February 22, 2018

Inuyama Castle: A Visit to the Oldest Castle in Japan

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  • Inuyama Castle: A Visit to the Oldest Castle in Japan
  • Known to be the oldest standing castle in Japan, the Inuyama Castle remains a strong symbol of Japan’s storied past.

    The Inuyama Castle was designated as a National Treasure in 1935.

    It was a steep climb towards the topmost floor of the Inuyama Castle. You will need to climb four flights of stairs to get to the top, where you will be greeted by the breathtaking view of Kiso-gawa River and the nearby cities through its balcony.

    The Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine is a popular spot for couples.

    The centuries-old Inuyama Castle, built in 1537, is one of the 12 remaining original castles in Japan. It was built by Oda Yojirou Nobuyasu, an uncle of the great Japanese samurai warrior Oda Nobunaga. Although it was built by Nobuyasu, it became home to different lords who took over the castle in the years that followed. When you reach the balcony, you’ll see photographs and old sketches of the castle lords who took over Inuyama Castle.

    The four-story Inuyama Castle and its watchtower

    The view of the Kiso-gawa River and nearby cities at the balcony of the Inuyama Castle

    Compared to other castles, Inuyama easily stands out from the rest as it truly retains the authenticity of the castle, making it as original as possible. You can see this on the wooden floors and its narrow walkways that prove how well-preserved the castle is. It takes you back to 400 decades ago while learning about the history of Japan.

    The Inuyama Castletown keeps their wires underground which improved the whole scenery

    A small-scale replica of the Inuyama Castle

    After our visit inside the castle, we took a leisurely towards the castle town, where old buildings line up the streets. This old town has several cafes, souvenir shops, and other establishments where tourists can shop from. It’s a lovely townscape where one can conveniently stroll along the historic streets of Inuyama.


    Address: 65-2, Kitakoken, Inuyama, Inuyama City
    Contact: 0568-61-1711
    Website: http://ml.inuyama.gr.jp/en/history-en
    Operating Hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm; Closed from December 29 to 31
    Admission Fee: ¥550 for adults, ¥110 for Elementary and Junior High School Students
    How to get here: It’s a 15-minute walk from Inuyamayuen Station of Meitetsu Line.

    Written by Jastine Valeriano

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