December 10, 2017

McNester in Guimaras Islands

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  • McNester is a local establishment in Guimaras that offers a variety of mango products. It is owned by Miss Rebecca Tubongbanua, a local resident of Guimaras.

    Miss Rebecca Tubongbanua did not really start with mangoes as her main products for McNester. She started by focusing on selling calamansi that grew in their family’s backyard. She made the switch to mangoes when she saw kilos of mango rejects that were left on the streets of Guimaras. She pitied local farmers because of the rejects that were left behind or were not put to use, so she bought them from the farmers and put them to good use.

    Being a local establishment in Guimaras, McNester started out small but was the first in Guimaras to develop calamansi concentrate. The mangoes used by McNester are usually deformed, oversized, or undersized, but that didn’t stop their efforts to make them known throughout the entity of the city of Guimaras.

    McNester got its name from the owner’s two sons: Raymond Michael, known as “Mac-mac”, and Ralph Nester. The establishment where McNester stands used to be a Bible school owned by Korean Nationals, and later on became McNester’s home.

    McNester promises to continue serving healthy products for their patrons or clients by using as little preservatives and food coloring as possible. They are also the ones in charge of producing their own products through sundrying, mechanical dryers, and their latest innovation- the use of a solar dryer.

    McNester’s products include the mango jam, mango and calamansi concentrate, dried mangoes, mango chutney, calamansi juice, mango-calamansi juice, flavored pulvoron, mango ketchup (original and hot and spicy), mango-squash spread, indian mango pickles, and the pineapple marmalade.

    Address: Brgy. San Isidro Buenavista, Guimaras
    Contact No: 0915-997-6633

    This also appears in Philippine Primer Japanese Magazine December Issue (vol. 117)
    Written By: Patricia Antoinette M. Nacianceno

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