July 12, 2017

Balicasag Island Snorkeling and Swimming in Bohol

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  • What’s a trip to Bohol without exploring the underwater? When going here for a vacation, one must go to Balicasag Island for water adventures you’d surely love!

    Fishes and other sea creatures deep down Balicasag Island./IMAGE Fotos de Elena on Flickr

    For those who want extreme adventure and would like to try activities that will get them the best moments in Bohol, they should go diving. Balicasag is known for its dive sites popular for both beginners and advanced divers.

    Black Forest is the most popular dive point that’s about 40 meters deep, In this site, one can find schools of jacks, barracudas, eels, and colorful sea creatures such as fishes and corals that’s really a sight to behold. There’s also Turtle Point, where you can encounter sea turtles freely roaming around the sea. This is about 60 to 75 meters deep.

    Colorful corals underwater./IMAGE Fotos de Elena on Flickr

    If you do not wish to see the underwater and would just like to enjoy a day at the sea in a boat, you can always watch dolphins swimming between Balicasag and Pamilacan Island. If you want to explore the underwater without going in too deep, then you can always try snorkeling. It is advisable that you get an island tour so you’d have an itinerary to follow.

    After the island tour, almost all boats dock in at the island for lunch. Here, you’ll see various eateries where they serve sumptuous lunch which is mostly grilled seafood or meat. The meals are kind of expensive compared to the ones you get in the city because of its location.

    However, all these meals are guaranteed delicious. If you want to pay less, you can go buy your own raw food from the Tagbilaran market and have it cooked (paluto) at Balicasag. They charge about Php 300 depending on how you want it to be cooked.

    Fishes/IMAGE Fotos de Elena on Flickr

    Aside from food, you can see rental shops in Balicasag. If you wish to rent our snorkeling gears, you can do so by paying Php 150 for each gear. There are also stores which rent out underwater cameras and memory cards at P1,300 to Php 1,500. If you plan to go snorkeling then it’s best to bring a camera to capture the amazing marine life that Bohol has. Also, don’t forget to wear comfortable swimwear for the tour. It gets hot at noon so better wear protective gears to prevent sunburn.

    Are you ready to see Bohol’s captivating island life? Visit Balicasag Island!

    Photos grabbed from: Fotos de Elena on Flickr

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