April 20, 2017

Ariara Island: A Private Paradise in Palawan

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  • Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and experience serenity and luxury combined in what is tagged by TIME Magazine as the “Best Private Island” – Ariara Island. The island, located north of Palawan, is accessible by a helicopter or a boat transfer from a domestic flight.

    Ariara Island’s white sand beach

    Ariara is a 125-acre tropical island which boasts of a 600m long white sand beach and a protected reef. Surrounded by a tropical forest, the island is also a sanctuary for both land and water animals: Palawan sea eagles, butterflies, turtles, dugongs (seacows), and a variety of corals and fish.

    Beach Cottage

    It gives guests a feel of what it’s like to stay in a private paradise, having control of their own time, and access to everything that the resort offers. The island could accommodate up to 18 guests who could choose whether they would like to stay in a Beach Cottage or a Jungle Villa, both of which are located conveniently close to the beach, providing them with an easy access and an unrivalled view of the island’s pristine waters.

    The Lounge

    The island also has a Lodge with serves as the dining and entertainment area in the island. It features a large dining area in one wing and a spacious lounge with a cinema-style projector in another wing. The Lodge leads to an infinity pool and the dock/pier by the beach.

    Water sports activities in the island

    Guests who are looking for some thrill and adventure may enjoy in the island’s water activities. This includes: windsurfing, jet skiing, and snorkelling in the sea’s reefs. To those who’d prefer relaxation more, they may just lounge by the beach, or book a yoga instructor and a masseuse to give them relief from the tension and stress they’re feeling.

    Rates in the island vary depending on the number of people and the number of nights they will be staying in the resort. Smaller groups would cost relatively higher per person, while bigger groups would cost them less. Nonetheless, these rates are inclusive of complete access in the island, full board meals, access and use to all the water sports equipment, the service of the staff which would cater to all their needs, diving instructors, and butlers.


    Images grabbed from Ariara Island’s website. 



    Address: Palawan Island, Philippines

    Tel: Available only when guest emails them.

    Email: bliss@ariaraisland.com

    Website: ariaraisland.com

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