March 06, 2017

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos, Ilocos Norte: A white rock destination

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  • When in Ilocos, one should definitely see nature’s beautiful attraction of the creamy white rock destination called the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.

    Windmills as the view

    Just about an hour away from Laoag City is where you will find the jump-off point for Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. It is named so as “puraw” which translates to “white” in Ilocano, and it is the visually appealing rock formation that is the attraction that the tourists want to see.

    White rock formations

    The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is a product of nature’s own as it was sculpted by weather forces such as strong winds and sedimentation.

    Biag ni Lam-ang

    Before trekking, you need to pay a P15 environmental fee to help maintain the cleanliness of the tourist attraction. Then, the rocky coast can be accessed by going down a flight of stairs near the souvenir shops. It is not that steep so elders can still visit. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear as it can be muddy, because the path to the rock formations is made of soil, shrubs, and pools of water. If in case you don’t want to walk, you can ride a horse that costs P100 for a two-way ride. While trekking, you will see a statue of the Biag ni Lam-ang, an Ilocano epic poem.

    Horseback-riding is also available

    When at the rock formation itself, you can ask tour guides to take photos of you. You can climb and sit at the rocks but any form of defacing the rocks is not allowed. Feel free to also take photos of the windmills around the area and the West Philippine Sea where you will see waves crashing against the rocks that make the scene more attractive.

    To go here, you can either use your private vehicle as there is a carpark on the jump-off point, or you can also hire a tricycle to take you to Kapurpurawan. Don’t miss this chance to see nature’s beauty in Ilocos!


    Address: Burgos, Ilocos Norte

    Written by Jastine Valeriano

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