July 11, 2018

‘Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino’ to Present 8 Films This Year

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  • Through the years, the Filipino people have always been fond of the motion picture industry. The success of Philippine cinema since the glorious age of vintage hues is a living symbol of how people express their high regards for local flicks—despite what it lacks or what it excessively provides.

    The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), headed by Mary Liza Diño-Seguerra, had the vision of making local film production and patronage more vibrant today than it ever was by launching the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) in 2017.

    FDCP Chairwoman Liza Diño opens PPP 2018

    Now on its second year, the PPP is bound to highlight eight quality films with different genres and take on societal issues we have today.

    Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi by Jun Robles Lana

    With the advent of technology, WiFi is present in every city or district you land your feet on. Norma, a typical modern day teenager has always been obsessed with social media platforms she uses every day; little did she know, her body will soon develop an allergic reaction to WiFi. As Norma leaves the urban area for good, will she be able to reevaluate her relationships and life choices?

    Juan Lana brings us a  fresh taste irony and romance in Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi.

    Bakwit Boys by Jason Paul Laxamana

    ‘Bakwit (evacuee) Boys’, is a band of four brothers who take refuge in their grandfather’s place after their village was unfortunately devastated by a strong typhoon. In their long process of rehabilitation, they meet Rose, a rich girl from the city. Will Rose be able to help them discover their way back to the music scene?

    Jason Paul Laxamana gives us an original take on a musical in Bakwit Boys.

    Madilim Ang Gabi by Adolf Alix Jr.

    At the reign of Duterte’s ‘War on Drugs’ campaign, a couple finds themselves stuck in a seemingly-endless agony of finding their lost son. Shot in the slums of Manila, Adolf Alix Jr.’s film captures the dilemmas many impoverished Filipino people face during this trying time.

    Madilim Ang Gabi made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

    Pinay Beauty by Jay Abello

    Perhaps people’s standard of Filipina beauty today are long and pointed noses, white skin, and a wide forehead. In Pinay Beauty, Jay Abello highlights a typical Filipina and her long quest to have a physical appearance near to everyone’s standard of objective beauty.

    Signal Rock by Chito S. Roño

    THE CAST OF SIGNAL ROCK. The cast of Signal Rock with their director Chito S. Roño (7th from left). They are joined on stage by FDCP Chairperson Diño (2nd from left) and a member of the selection committee, acclaimed director Jose Javier Reyes (1st from left).

    A ‘no-hoper’ Intoy is about to make the wheels turn as he helps his sister win a child custody case in Finland.

    *Signal Rock’s trailer was first shown to the public during the introduction of the films for PPP 2018. 

    The Day After Valentines by Jason Paul Laxamana

    Lead actors of 100 Tula Para Kay Stella Bela Padilla and JC Santos will be included in PPP once more as they portray the roles of Kai (Santos), whose heart was broken by his past relationship, and Lani (Padilla), a woman who wants to keep Kai’s broken heart up and running again.

    The Day After Valentines is Jason Paul Laxamana’s second entry on this year’s PPP.

    Unli Life by Miko Livelo

    Benedict, portrayed by Vhong Navarro, is a famous DJ who just got dumped by his girlfriend. As an aid, he drinks a magic whiskey that takes him back in time to change the events that lead to the break-up. Can Benedict change what is bound to happen?

    We Will Not Die Tonight by Richard Somes

    Kray is an underpaid stuntwoman who found herself amidst the brawl of her old ‘gang’, and ruthless avengers. With her life trapped in the most dangerous streets, will Kray be able to defend herself, or will it be too late for her to escape alive?

    These films together with the entries for the Sine Kabataan short film competition will be shown in cinemas nationwide from August 15 to 21 2018.

    Sine Kabataan films, a selection of short films made by young filmmakers, include ‘Alas-Nuebe ng Tanghali (Nine in the Afternoon)’ by Enalyn Legaspi, ‘Anonymous Student Vlog’ by Christian Babista, ‘Bahay-Bahayan (Playhouse)’ by Bryan Spencer Reyes, ‘Bato Bato Pik (Rock-Paper-Scissors) by Ardinian Jaq Sanque and Lorys Plaza, ‘Isang Tula Para Sa Nawawala (A Poem for the Lost)’ by Rodemille Singh, ‘Koleksyong Pamalo‘ by Len Frago, ‘Masaya Ako (I Am Happy)’ by Daniel Edwin Delgado and Tiara Nicolas, and ‘Runner’ by Levi Jun Miscala.


    What: ‘Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino’ 2018
    When: August 15 to 21, 2018
    Where: In cinemas nationwide

    Written by Jove Moya

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