February 21, 2024

ANAP in Makati: Bringing Casual Japanese Apparel to the Philippines

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  • ANAP in Makati: Bringing Casual Japanese Apparel to the Philippines
  • Manila’s fashion scene is constantly shifting and evolving with the times. From local streetwear to high-end couture, every corner of the Metro tells its own style story. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes ANAP, a newly opened in Makati that introduces the country to the latest trends in Japanese fashion. So for fashionistas looking for something fresh and exciting, ANAP is your new go-to destination!

    IMAGE from ANAP Philippines Facebook page

    ANAP is a newly opened apparel store in San Antonio, Makati that offers various brands, including ANAP, CHILLE, and ANAP GiRL. In Japan, the brand is known for their unique blend of contemporary style and traditional Japanese aesthetics by offering an eclectic mix of trendy, youthful, and edgy designs that cater to fashion-forward customers.

    IMAGE from ANAP Philippines Facebook page

    The store’s interior shows the brand’s fashion statement by featuring minimalist, yet charming decor with neon decals that create an inviting atmosphere for shoppers. The layout, spacing, and display racks offer an enjoyable shopping experience that highlight their apparel and accessories.

    ANAP’s collection includes a variety of items, from casual wear such as graphic t-shirts, denim, handbags, and skirts. The brand is especially popular among kids, teens, and yuppies who are drawn to the brand’s unique fusion of street-style cool and simplicity.

    IMAGE from ANAP Philippines Facebook page

    The fabrics and materials used are chosen for their durability and comfort to ensure that their valued customers don’t have to compromise on quality for style. Furthermore, the price points are relatively competitive that makes the brand accessible to a broader market.

    IMAGE from ANAP Philippines Facebook page

    Indeed, ANAP is offering a taste of Japan’s eclectic and ever-evolving fashion scene right here in the fashion capital of the Philippines.

    General Information

  • 9639 Kamagong St, Brgy San Antonio, Makati 1203
  • 0966-016-7301
  • anap.philippines@gmail.com
  • https://anap.ph/
  • anap.philippines/
  • anap.philippines/
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