March 07, 2019

Estate Wine’s Demystifying Wine Class With The Expat Sommelier

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  • The drinking culture in the world has constantly evolved through time and while many people enjoy a glass of wine and a little chit-chat, there are those who take wine-tasting to the next level.

    Join Estate Wine’s Demystifying Wine this coming March 16, 2019, at Estate Wine Tasting Room, Makati and learn more about your favorite glass of wine!

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    Wines aren’t just about the taste and its color, they have a complex history, variety, and types. In this event, demystify everything about wines through an introductory class to be led by The Expat Sommelier—Inge Zwick.

    Inge Zwick has over 15 years of experience in the wine industry and has traveled all over Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to study all kinds of wines.

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    Decanting FAQ 3 HOW to decant? 1) Store the bottle upright for 24 hours before decanting, so sediments can slide to the bottom of the bottle 2) Ensure that the decanter is clean. If not used for a while, rinse with cold water. Wipe the outside of the decanter dry with a clean cloth, to ensure you have a safe grip. Drain the decanter well – no need to dry the inside with a cloth, a few drops of (clean) water will not harm the wine 3) Hold the decanter in one hand, tilt slightly and pour the wine slowly and steadily into the decanter. While pouring, look at the wine and check that no sediments are pouring out. When you see the sediments, stop pouring (it should be almost empty by then) TIPS & TRICKS: 💡 Choose a spot with good lighting and/or place a white waiters‘ cloth under the decanter so you can see the pouring wine clearly and identify sediments. If you like to impress and show some old school Sommeliers skills, place a small candle underneath the tilted decanter. ☁️ Sediments aren’t always obvious and chunky. Stop when the wine becomes cloudy. ❗️If you are new to decanting, keep the decanter on the table. There is a risk of having the decanter slip or become too heavy if you pour in the air. Safety first. Trust me. I‘ve been there 🤪🙈. #theexpatsommelier #wineeducation #decanting #faq #how #slowlyandsteady #withconfidence #wineskills #sommelier #sommelierlife #instawine #winestagram #longpost

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    The class will help one understand the diverse taste of each wine, its attributes, grape varieties and how to properly choose your own wine! If you wish to have a deeper understanding of wines, this event will definitely unleash the inner wine-geek in you.

    Make sure to reserve your seat today as slots are only limited. Class fee is Php 1,800. To book, you may fill out the form here: For bookings or more information, you may call  Estate Wine at (02) 804-50-28 or 0977-486-1732.


    What: Estate Wine’s Demystifying Wine Class
    When: March 16, 2019 (Saturday), 4 p.m.
    Where: Estate Wine Tasting Room, Ground Floor, Republic Glass Building, 1229, 196 Salcedo, Legaspi Village, Makati, City

    Class Fee:

    • Php 1,800
    Google Map:
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