October 26, 2016

Cosplay Contest at TOEI Philippines’ 30th Anniversary

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    TOEI will be celebrating their 30th year anniversary on November 23, 2016. Along with that, they will be hosting an Individual Cosplay Contest, same day,  6 to 10 pm at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura.  Be your best as you need to dress like your favourite anime characters in Sailormoon, Dragonball, One Piece, Digimon, TigerMask and Pretty Cure. Plus, you’ll get the chance to win a cash prize if chosen the best version of the said characters.

    1) Overall Champion PHP 20,000

    2) Best Male PHP 15,000

    3) Best Female PHP 15,000


    Judging Criteria for Overall Champion/Best Male/Best Female:

    40% Performance

    40% Costume

    20% Audience Impact


    1) Special Prize Male Costume ( based on Costume Criteria ) PHP 10,000

    2) Special Prize Male Performance ( based on Performance Criteria ) PHP 10,000

    3) Special Prize Female Costume ( based on Costume Criteria ) PHP 10,000

    4) Special Prize Female Performance ( based on Performance Criteria ) PHP 10,000

    5) Special Prize Audience Impact ( based on Audience Impact Criteria ) PHP 10,000

    **No person can have two awards or more awards, if a person deserves multiple awards he/she would get the top award

    *All Judges would be from TOEI Animation Philippines


    Individual cosplay contest registration

    Send an email with the subject [COSPLAY REGISTRATION] to toeiphthirty@gmail.com with the following:


    Full Name


    Character to Cosplay

    Series of the Character

    Reference picture of the character

    If possible, a picture of the contestant cosplaying the submitted character already. This will be used for event promotion.


    Individual cosplay contest rules:

    1. Cosplay Contestant should be from one of the following anime series ( old or new series of the same title )



    One Piece



    Pretty Cure

    Only cosplayers 16 years old and up are allowed to join the contest.

    1. Each cosplayer contestant should have bought a ticket to the event and pre registered.
    2. Each cosplayer contestant will be allocated 3 minutes to perform on stage, including prop setup and take down. Judges have the right to deduct points due to excess performance time.
    3. Each cosplayer contestant can bring props that they can personally carry on and off the stage and setup on the stage.
    4. Each cosplayer contestant can bring their own personalized video or audio in a flashdisk. Just before the performance the cosplayer contest should hand over the flash disk to the audio technical crew to be played during their performance. After the performance they should take the flash disk. If there is no personalized video or audio the generic music from the series being cosplayed will be played.
    5. Each cosplayer contestant, after setting up their props, should mention their name and the character and series they are cosplaying.
    6. The event will provide a male and female dressing room for the cosplayers, event hosts and other special guests. Cosplayer contestants will be directed to the dressing room by batches and would have at least 20 minutes to make costume adjustments.
    7. Any unruly behaviour or not following the direction of the marshalls can be used as ground for disqualifications of the cosplay contest and subject to removal from the premises.
    8. All cosplay contest should be in the Samsung Hall Area around 6:00 pm.

    After all cosplay contestants have perfomed, we will open the stage for photo opportunities for cosplayers

    We encourage everyone to share the event page and invite your friends to the event. Ticket details will be posted soon.

    *Also there would be some film shooting in the event for Enteng Kabisote the movie

    *For sponsorship and other inquiries, please email toeiphthirty@gmail.com

    Source: TOEI Animation Philippines

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