October 16, 2015

The 15th Grand Wine Experience

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    A wine’s vintage speaks of more than just the year of harvest. It is, in essence, the headline of an article, the name of a painting, the title of a novel; one that alludes to a period of romance between the sun, rain, wind, earth and man; and tells the story of how a confluence of such disparate elements can, under just the right conditions, yield poetry in a bottle.

    Now on its 15th year, this year’s landmark edition of The Grand Wine Experience promises to be an unparalleled celebration of only the finest with every facet of the guest experience, from the buffet selection, to the quality of the entertainment; ultimately giving more value for money. Over 500 wines and spirits from the planet’s outstanding wineries and distilleries will be featured complemented with sumptuous cuisine prepared by the talented Chefs of the Marriott Hotel.

    Since its inception at the turn of the century, the Grand Wine Experience has seen itself transform from a humble gathering of wine enthusiasts into a monumental Mecca to which bon vivants, celebrities, dignitaries, top executives and members of high society make their annual pilgrimage. Founded by the four Joseph brothers of Philippine Wine Merchants, the Grand Wine Experience is widely regarded as the most spectacular, most lavish and most anticipated wine event of any kind in Southeast Asia.

    This year’s theme, ‘vintage’ marks many milestones, the 15th year of the event, the 40th anniversary of the company behind it, and the celebratory move to a significantly more spacious venue, one that can cater to double the capacity of the previous Marriott grand ballroom. Indeed, everything is set for the grandest wine event of the year.

    Be part of this milestone gathering on November 13, 2015 at the new Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel as it promises to let your experience the best time of your life.

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