June 13, 2024

6 Waxing Salons for Your Hair-Free Goals

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  • 6 Waxing Salons for Your Hair-Free Goals
  • One of the best ways to remove unwanted body hair without breaking the bank is waxing.

    Regular waxing helps you retain a hair-free and smooth skin for as long as six weeks—as opposed to shaving. It also helps get rid of dry and dead skin cells in the process, leaving a glowing skin.

    The best part is that waxing is safer than shaving as you won’t have to risk scars, cuts, and skin discoloration. That way, you’ll also avoid irritation as most waxing salons use organic and natural wax. Not to mention that hair regrowth after waxing often takes four to six weeks with a finer look!

    To assist you in your waxing journey, here are some of the salons in the Metro:

    Lay Bare

    Get fuzz-free legs for days. 😍 #LayBarePH

    LAY BARE WAXING SALONさんの投稿 2019年6月10日月曜日

    Lay Bare is among the popular waxing salons in the country—probably the most convenient one as they have branches all over the city—offering cold wax with natural ingredients like honey. They offer a full range of services and also carry their own line of hygienic products, such as soothing creams, scrubs, and serums. It’s important to note that their services are usually on a first come, first serve basis so it’s better to come early if you’re looking to avoid the crowd.

    Services start at Php 110
    Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialLayBare
    Website: lay-bare.com

    For a full list of Lay Bare branches, you may visit this link

    Hey Sugar!

    Come visit our stores and remove unwanted hair ASAP! 😜 https://heysugar.com.ph/our-stores/ #SwitchToHeySugar #HeySugarPH

    Hey Sugar Waxing Salonさんの投稿 2019年6月3日月曜日

    Hey Sugar! uses organic products, with a choice of either hot or cold wax, to administer their services. However, note that their prices vary depending on the wax used. They follow strict hygienic guidelines, ensuring customers to have the best experience possible. They also offer eyelash perming and extensions!

    Services start at Php 160
    Facebook: facebook.com/heysugarwaxingph
    Website: heysugar.com.ph

    For a full list of Hey Sugar! branches, you may visit this link

    Wink Laser Studio

    Wink Laser Studioさんの投稿 2013年2月6日水曜日

    While Wink Laser Studio‘s services mainly consist of laser services like laser facials, hair removals, and whitening, they also cater to waxing. They use hard wax for the more sensitive areas and soft wax for larger areas. It’s important to note that the Wink Laser Studio sets their prices depending on the size of the area involved.

    Services start at Php 300
    Address: For a full list of Wink Laser Studio branches, you refer here.
    Facebook: facebook.com/winklaserstudio
    Website: winkstudio.ph

    For a full list of Wink Laser Studio branches, you may visit this link

    STRIP: Ministry of Waxing

    We have high standards on #Hygiene. No double dipping of spatulas and no re-using of wax ! Its our mantra, and we will…

    Strip Manilaさんの投稿 2019年1月11日金曜日

    STRIP: Ministry of Waxing originated in Singapore and has since been a favored establishment in the country. They pride themselves in terms of hygiene, speed, and quality—particularly hygiene as they make sure that each customer receives a new Hygiene Pack containing disposable waxing or semi-permanent hair removal equipment. They are particularly famous for their Brazilian and Boyzilian treatments.

    Services start at Php 200
    Address: For a full list of Strip branches, you refer here.
    Facebook: facebook.com/stripmanila/
    Website: strip-manila.com

    For a full list of STRIP: Ministry of Waxing branches, you may visit this link


    Our excellent service and tasteful interiors leave you – Manila's fun, sassy, and sexy it-girl – unmistakably satisfied. #MaxWaxPH

    Maxwax Waxing & Brow Design Studioさんの投稿 2019年6月6日木曜日

    Maxwax conjures up a new concept in grooming and style, providing customers with customized wax and brow services. They also aim to redefine the entire waxing process the Maxwax way!

    Services start at Php 230
    Facebook: facebook.com/MaxwaxStudio
    Website: maxwax.com.ph

    For a full list of Maxwax branches, you may visit this link


    We pride ourselves in being the Only Body Sugaring Salon in the Philippines. -Barenaked#iChooseBarenaked#TheSugaringExperts#MakeTheSugarSwitch#SwitchToBarenaked#Barenaked#SugaringAtBarenaked

    Barenaked Body Sugaringさんの投稿 2019年6月20日木曜日

    Barenaked is the only sugaring salon in the Philippines, providing the safest and most natural way to remove hair with less pain. They use sugaring, a process of hair removal that utilizes a natural paste made from lemon, sugar, and water. While similar to waxing, it has a lot of benefits that include the prevention of ingrown hair.

    Services start at Php 100
    Facebook: facebook.com/barenaked
    Website: barenaked-sugaring.com

    Have you tried any of these waxing salons? Share with us your experience in the comments below!

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