December 2017

La Union

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  • It’s no surprise that surfing and La Union go hand-in-hand. The swells in La Union are known worldwide as one of the best, making it a destination for surfers here and abroad.


    Situated in the heart of La Union is San Juan, one of the premier towns in this surfing paradise. It has two “seasons”: the South Swell, lasting from July to October, and the North Swell, which lasts from November to March. Surfing has made its mark in this town, and it shows in the many restaurants and resorts San Juan has to offer.


    Let Philippine Primer take you to the shores of La Union and discover why it’s the perfect place for surfers this side of the country.

    Where to go: a guide map

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    Where to Go in La Union 2017

    Where to Eat in La Union 2017

    Where to Stay in Where to Stay in La Union 2017

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