February 06, 2017

SINGLES MINGLE – A Multi-Orientation Speed Dating Event!

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  • Calling all singles out there! This might be your chance to find your perfect date this Valentines Day!

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    People now live in a world of “instants,” instant messaging, instant online reactions, and even instant noodles for those who are forever in a hurry. But if there is something that can be gleamed from today’s popular social media Apps, more than anything else, young people these days are craving for instant connection and, yes, more so instant love! However even with the proliferation of online tools and software promising just that, the fact remains finding love in this day and age remains to be a difficult and, quite often, a disappointing task.

    If this is the case, where then can one find love that will, as pop culture again and again reminds us, last forever?

    Perhaps the simplest answer would be to put yourself out there. Go out. Actually meet someone in the real world. Online dating can only do so much and can even re-enforce bad dating habits — judging a person by his or her photo alone, choosing someone based on their proximity, or in many cases, out rightly rejecting a person because of a poorly constructed profile, just to name a few.

    But more than anything else what’s missing in online dating is this electric feeling everyone experiences when meeting a prospective romantic partner. This visceral and profound emotion one gets when in the presence of someone who could possibly be a big influence in your life. Call it “kilig” or call it magic but it is definitely something that could only be experienced in the outside world and definitely not virtually.

    This is the reason BPO Radio, an online radio that focuses on the call center culture, and Century City Mall, the mall of Modern Makati are joining forces to stage one of the most romantic and exciting Valentine events this COMING love month. On February 11th 2017, call center agents from all over the city are invited to join the “Singles Mingle,” a speed dating event to be held at the Main Event Place of Century City Mall along Kalayaan Ave, Makati. And the best thing about this very romantic event is that “Singles Mingle” is open to everyone! BPO Radio is inviting all single men and women to go out and find the love of their life! To join you can visit the BPO Radio website to register – http://bporadio.com//singles-mingle-form

    Indeed, with BPO Radio and Century City Mall’s “Singles Mingle” speed dating event, you don’t need to swipe left or swipe right just to find the love of your life! Who knows, he or she could very well be sitting just in front of you!

    Event details:

    What: Singles Mingle  – A Multi-Orientation Speed Dating Event!

    When: February 11, 2017; 6:00 p.m. onwards

    Where: 5th floor, Century City Mall

    Ticket details:

    Price: P250 . Click here to register.


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