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    Philippine Primer is a free monthly lifestyle magazine published every month. We feature information about the Philippines that ranges from restaurants, hotels, travel destinations, culture, events and latest happenings to various businesses, schools, and tips & guide in living in Manila. We publish two print magazines every month: one in Nihongo that caters to the Japanese community; and another one in English that caters to the Filipinos and general foreign community.

    How did it start?

    Since we launched the Japanese website in 2007 and published the Japanese magazine in 2008, catering, of course, to Japanese expats, residents, and tourists, the readership has grown to over 50,000 through our distribution points to major establishments and companies in Metro Manila, and through our presence in social media as well.

    Having established a good relationship with different international market, we decided to produce an English version of the website and magazine which would not only cater to the foreign but also to the local community. In January 2015, we launched an English version of Philippine Primer, aiming to reach our target audience online and at the same time continuously providing interesting and relevant information about the Philippines, particularly in Manila. In April 2016, the first issue of Philippine Primer English Magazine was published.

    What’s inside?

    Food. We love food just as much as you do. We regularly scout the streets in the country to find restaurants and bars that offer the best, unique, and scrumptious dishes.

    Travel. No doubt that The Philippines is one of the countries that has rich biodiversity, offering the most astounding islands and world-class beaches, and beautiful marine life. Let us be your guide in discovering the beauty of this tropical island.

    Beauty & Fashion. Want to know what’s hot and what’s not? Don’t miss any of these as we try to update you with latest trends in beauty, fashion, shopping finds, and many more.

    Study. Finding the right school or learning opportunities can be a bit challenging, but we’re here to make sure you only find what’s best for you!

    Business. We list relevant businesses that can be your source of information on services, industry trends, innovative product, and possible investment opportunities.

    Events. Find out the latest scoop on the most recent events and activities in the metro, so you’ll know where to have fun and where to spend your free hours the exciting way!

    Tips & Guides. We know it’s not easy to live in a foreign place, so we’re here to give you the most practical guidance and advice to help you get by, adapt to, and enjoy living in your host country.

    Blogs. Make sure to stay updated on the latest happenings around the metro through our Blog page where we post announcements, current events, news updates, reviews, openings, and promos and discounts in the city.