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EcoRing Philippines, Inc.

EcoRing, a brand purchase specialty store with over 200 stores in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, expanded to the Philippines, its fifth country, in May 2023. The company was founded in Japan in 2001. Since its establishment, the company has mainly opened purchase specialty stores. We currently have over 200 purchase specialty stores in Japan and purchase specialty stores in 5 overseas countries (Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines) outside of Japan. We will do our best to provide the service we have cultivated in Japan to our customers in the Philippines.

Luxury brand purchase specialty store
from Japan aiming to be No.1 in Asia

Service introduction

As a “mission community that discovers value,” EcoRing is a bridge that connects the products valued by our customers to the customers who will value them the next time.
We, the EcoRing Group, have set “No.1 in Asia” as the common vision of the group. As a “mission community that discovers value” in our corporate philosophy, we hope to remove inconvenience and dissatisfaction of our customers in Japan and other Asian countries through our purchase and purchase business.
Here in the Philippines, too, a country with remarkable economic development in Asia. In the Philippines, there are currently no stores specializing in the field of purchase. Therefore, we, EcoRing, would like to offer our knowledge and services, which we have cultivated in Japan for over 20 years, to the people in the Philippines.


1:Speedy appraisal and valuation.

Our experienced Japanese appraisers will appraise and evaluate your valuable items in an average of 5 minutes per item.

2:Same-day cash purchase

Customers whose purchases are approved will basically receive cash on the same day.

3:Easily consult with us via SNS

Please feel free to contact us through various SNS for pre-appraisal and consultation on items we handle. We will reply to you promptly as a preliminary assessment.



Purchase Results


EcoRing Philippines, Inc. has entered the Philippines with the desire to provide excitement to Filipino customers by allowing them to experience the business of purchasing, which is becoming commonplace in Japan. In the Philippines, where the economy is growing rapidly, we would like to provide a value different from that of PawnShop.


Our Japanese appraisers, who have over 10 years of experience in Japan, have knowledge of brands and jewelry, and market prices, are always available to purchase your valuable items. If you have unwanted items but are concerned about whether or not we will be able to properly evaluate them, please use Ecoling.


We, the EcoRing Group, have a purchase and sales network in Japan and overseas, and we are able to “realize higher purchase prices” by selling our products through our own sales routes that are most suitable for each product.


In the midst of environmental issues, it is the desire of the EcoRing Group to contribute to the world through reuse. We believe that we can be of service to various customers by acting as a bridge to the next customer who will use the items they no longer need. We would like to put a stop to the age of mass production and mass consumption, and contribute to environmental issues by taking good care of each and every item. If you have any concerns about unwanted items or are considering replacing them, please feel free to contact us at Ecoling.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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