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BedandGo Real Estate

Japanese Real Estate Company in Manila. We buy and sell, rent, and manage real estate mainly in Manila and Cebu condominiums with the motto of sincerity and trust. We are striving day and night to educate employees and create a system so that we can provide the best service to our clients. If you have any questions about real estate, please feel free to contact us. We provide prompt and sincere Japanese quality service.

BedandGo is your Philippine Real Estate Partner. Honesty and trust are our motto. Professional, quick, and hospitable, our Japanese level of service will ensure you meet all your needs for your properties and that you receive the best value in the world.

Service introduction

BedandGo is a real estate and property management company based in Manila that offers various services that caters to people from all walks of life. We consist of professional sales staff who are happy to help you find your ideal home in the Philippines. Our experienced staff listens in detail to your needs, budget, and your desired conditions in selecting the perfect property. Aside from that, property management officers from BedandGo make sure to take care of your needs and property concerns to give you the best quality of living.


BedandGo offers great values for rent and for sale which you can search from our database and view the vast number of properties available.


If you are looking for rental housing such as a condominium or investing on a good property, BedandGo is here to find the perfect place for you. Real estate in the Philippines can be quite overwhelming and we are here to help. We are introducing rental condominiums (apartments) based in Manila and Cebu. In BedandGo, we consider the building type, budget, room conditions, etc. We are here to help you navigate real estate in the Philippines.

Finding a good value rental property in a convenient location or in a popular area has never been easier. But! BedandGo is your partner when it comes to real estate in the Philippines.

Director of Operation
Mr. Ishibashi

We are a real estate company that provides three services: real estate management, real estate leasing, and real estate buying and selling, mainly in Metro Manila, Philippines.


Real Estate Management
For property owners who have already purchased the property, we will propose to maximize the assets as the owner’s local agent. “I bought a property, but the sales company keeps selling the property, and I can’t find a good management company.” “Currently, the agents and management companies that manage the property may not be contacted, and even if they do, the response is slow.” “Invoices come early, but rent income payments are late.” Do you have any problems?

By reducing the stress of property management of property owners, making regular reports, responding promptly, and doing other things that are commonplace, we are able to work with partners who are trusted by owners and can be associated with us for a long time.


Real estate Rental
I want to find a rental property in the Philippines, but there are many things I don’t understand, right? “How can I find it?” “How should I pay?” “What should I do with the contract?” There are various anxieties. There is nothing you can’t find on the rental site using the web. It often takes a lot of time and effort to find a property because there is no contact, the contract has already been concluded, or the person who has the key does not come on time even if you request a preview.

We are professional rental property brokers, so please feel free to ask. We provide high quality services managed by Japanese people to customers who are looking for rental properties. In addition to introducing properties that are close to your wishes, we also provide one-stop services such as advice on property selection, payment, contracts, moving in, and problem-solving support after moving in.


Real estate sales (purchase)

Want to buy Philippine real estate, but don’t know much?
“How can I find it?”
“How to identify high-profit properties?”
“How do I pay? Can I buy in yen?”
“What should I do with the contract?”


In addition to introducing properties that are close to the customer’s intentions, we also support payments and contracts so that you can purchase with confidence, so you can purchase properties at a reasonable price with confidence.


Sale of real estate

Want to sell Philippine real estate, but are you wondering how to sell it?
“How do you find a buyer?”
“How do you receive the sale money?”
“What about the contract? Do I have to go to the site?”


In order to sell Philippine real estate, it is important that you have all the documents.
Please consult with us if you have all the documents, find a buyer, and if necessary, exchange the amount sold in pesos for foreign currency and send it to Japan with confidence.
On behalf of the property owner, it is possible to sell the property and receive the sale price without the owner visiting the Philippines.

We will serve you as your reliable partner in the Philippines.
It is our pleasure to provide “solutions” to the “trouble” of Philippine real estate.


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