January 13, 2019

SIARGAO TRAVEL: Daku, Guyam, and Naked Island Among Most Sought-After Islands in the Philippines

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  • The Philippines, as an archipelago, is adorned with many jewels, and among them is an island coveted by many. This is the island of Siargao. 

    The tear-shaped island is situated at the province of Surigao del Norte at the northeastern tip of Mindanao. And one of its municipality, General Luna, is surrounded by three islands sought after by tourists for varying reasons.

    IMAGE Jun Lizaso

    If you want to be alone in the middle of an ocean, with only a stretch of white sand to step on, then the Naked Island is the place for you. The 200-meter island is a magical place that appears and disappears depending on the ocean’s tide heights.

    Void of coconut trees, huts, and other establishments, this stretch of white sandbar has no shade in sight and is open to the rays of the sun, making its name appropriate for the island’s “nakedness”.

    The Naked Island is astonishing with its pristine sand, where guests may enjoy sunbathing while overlooking the turquoise waters beyond / IMAGE @warrencamitan

    Swimming, watching, and bathing in the sun as it rises, or staying on a boat around the island to drink and have a good time with friends may just be the thing to kick off your island tour.  All of which you can do at the Daku Island.

    Daku Island, which rests at the east of Naked Island, is most visited by tourists for its surf breaks and sheer beauty. This expanse of sandy island with bungalow huts and open-air cottages resting inside the palm forest may just be the perfect combination for a lunchtime chill while overlooking the blue ocean.

    Daku Island, which literally translates to The Big Island, is the largest among the three. It can be best enjoyed with family and friends by buying fresh seafood at General Luna’s local market and having it prepared like a feast at the island.

    Daku Island mirrors that of a palm forest peppered with bungalow huts, perfect for a full, island getaway experience / IMAGE I Love the Philippines

    Tourists may call it a day at Guyam Island—the smallest of the three. It is located north of Daku, just across General Luna. The clam-shaped island is so small, you can traverse the whole land in less than 10 minutes!

    The clam-shaped Guyam Island rests north of Daku across the municipality of General Luna / IMAGE EscapeJournal

    This secluded paradise is usually the last stop of Siargao Island Tour’s island hopping tour. The virgin island boasts of powdery white sands, a smattering of coconut trees, and turquoise shallow waters with abundant reefs. It makes for a perfect spot for snorkeling because its rock corals, as well as a place for those who want to laze and relax around. 

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    The Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island are included in the Island Hopping Tour Package B, courtesy of Siargao Island Tour. It is priced at Php 1,770 per person, Php 950 (2 pax), Php 800 (3 pax), Php 640 (4 pax), Php 530 (5 pax), and Php 445 for a group of 6 and above. This is inclusive of entrance fees, one tour assistant, pick up and drop off to the resort, pump boat, and life vests.

    For more information, you may visit Siargao Island Tours’ Website or their Facebook Page at Siargao Island Getaway. You may also call them at 0923-348-8333 for inquiries.

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer Japanese Magazine’s December 2018 issue.
    Featured image grabbed from EscapeJournal

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