August 14, 2018

Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Park in Pampanga: A Tourist Hideaway

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  • Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Park in Pampanga: A Tourist Hideaway
  • Bamboo rivals that of the Coconut tree in that the bamboo’s towering, tree-like form also boasts of its many uses. For one, the evergreen plant of the grass family can be used to form a sturdy house. With stems reaching a total of 130 feet, the giants, when halved, can be made into things like buckets, furniture, rafts, and floorings. Chinese cuisine also takes more from the bamboo as they use its young shoots as vegetables and the seeds of some of its species into grains.

    For the residents of Pampanga in Central Luzon, bamboos are more than just a source of living. In fact, the Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Park, located by the riverbank in Sta. Catalina, Lubao, Pampanga, serves as both a protective shield to threats of soil erosion and as a booming eco-tourism destination since 2017.

    With its bending bamboo culms forming a canopy resembling that of an enchanting forest overhead, Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Park is often visited for its bike lanes and pathways that offer a soothing vibe, as people take a refreshing stroll ahead.

    Bamboos are lined up to form a pathway, good for leisurely strolling and unwinding./ IMAGE Joyful Joy from Flickr

    Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Park offers bike lanes to its visitors./ IMAGE NEWSLINE Central Luzon

    A fish spa, good for the removal of dead skin and the treatment of calluses, is also situated inside the park to pamper each visitor as if to complement a long walk in the park.

    One of Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Park’s amenities are its Fish Spas./ IMAGE NEWSLINE Central Luzon

    As the bamboo village is situated near Gumain River, visitors may also experience a simple but equally relaxing boat ride, available for all visitors.

    The new eco-tourism destination, which originally started as a development site in 2010, managed by Lubao Municipal Government, reportedly ushers in 600 visitors every weekend. The site also welcomes group celebrations and other assemblies, making it a perfect place for families and friends to bond and share their time together at Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Park.

    Written by: Chin Sanigan
    Sources: Images from Joyful JoySunstarNews Line Central LuzonBritannicaFacebook 
    All images were grabbed from Joyful Joy of Flickr

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