August 13, 2018

Lulugayan Falls in Samar: The Mini Niagara of Visayas

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  • Some people climb mountains while others chase waterfalls. Ask anyone to name must-see waterfalls in the Philippines and you’re bound to hear answers like the Maria Cristina Falls, Pagsanjan Falls, and Hinulugang Taktak. Chances are, you won’t hear the name Lulugayan Falls in any of the answers.

    Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor, water and natureLulugayan Falls is one that’s good to chase. /IMAGE Spark Samar Facebook page

    Don’t let its anonymity fool you. Sure, it’s not the widest waterfall in the country, neither is it the tallest, but it’s certainly just as magnificent as any waterfall in the Philippines.

    Located in Calbiga, Samar, it takes a while to get to the falls itself. The journey from the town to the jump-off point can take an hour to an hour and a half on a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire), the primary mode of transportation in the province. You can make arrangements and pay the necessary fees at the tourism office.

    From the jump-off point, one has to hike a 740-meter trail. Even if you’re bad at directions, don’t worry: the trail is lined with stone slabs to guide tourists to the falls. The trail itself is only around 20-30 minutes. Although the trail is relatively easy to hike, certain areas can be a bit slippery.

    Image may contain: sky, outdoor, water and nature
    IMAGE Rocky Fabilane via Eastern Visayas Tourism Facebook page

    Once you get to the falls, you’ll understand why others call it a Mini Niagara Falls. Its many pools provide the perfect respite from the summer heat. However, if you’re not up for a swim, there’s an area where you can take a picnic. Just remember to be ecologically conscious and clean up after yourself.

    On rainy days, the currents are much stronger, and you can hear its thunderous roar before you even reach your destination.

    Image may contain: outdoor, water and nature
    IMAGE George’s – All about the Philippines

    Anyone who’s ever been to the falls recount that they needed to take some time to absorb the wonder that was right in front of their eyes. If you think that this is too good to be true, head to Calbiga, Samar and find out for yourself.

    Images from: Eastern Visayas Tourism Facebook page, Spark Samar Facebook pageGeorge’s – All about the Philippines

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