May 13, 2018

Must-try Activities in Puerto Galera

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  • Visits to Puerto Galera are more than just sun, sand, sea, and diving (though we’re not saying those are not fun). There’s so much to do in Puerto Galera that it might not be a good idea to list everything down, so we’ve taken three that you should try out:

    Visit the Mangyan Village

    Images courtesy of Ayala Foundation

    A trip to Puerto Galera is hardly complete without getting to know the true locals of Mindoro, the Iraya-Mangyan tribe.

    One of the many Mangyan tribes residing in the island of Mindoro, the Iraya-Mangyan tribe of Puerto Galera reside at the foot of Mt. Malasimbo. They’re one of the more prominent beneficiaries of the Ayala Foundation thanks in large part to their nito weaving. Nito weaving was once a dying art, but has since become big thanks to the efforts of the Ayala Foundation and the Iraya-Mangyan tribe of Puerto Galera.

    Tourists can visit the Iraya Mangyan Village any day of the week, though it’s best to coordinate with tour operators at your resort or once you get to Puerto Galera.

    Address: Mt. Malasimbo, Brgy. Talipanana, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

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    Tukuran Falls Tour (Water Buffalo Jungle Tour)


    Beaches and diving will always be connected with Puerto Galera, but the island it sits in offers more than just your standard water-based activities.

    One such activity is taking a tour of a hidden paradise named Tukuran Falls. Located a few minutes past Tamaraw Falls, it’s one of the four waterfalls that attract tourists in Puerto Galera (the others being Tamaraw, Aninuan, and Talipanan). It’s the farthest of the four and offers something that can only be described as unique.

    Instead of your usual hike-to-the-falls or a simple van or jeepney ride, you take a carabao or Philippine water buffalo to get to Tukuran Falls. You’ll pass through a relatively unspoiled jungle on your way to the falls. Once at the falls, you’ll be greeted by a lagoon, river rapids, and a place for a picnic.

    Address: Tukuran Falls, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro



    IMAGE Puerto Galera Tourism website

    If you want to take in all the sights that Puerto Galera has to offer yet are short on time, there is one activity we can recommend: parasailing.

    Parasailing has been a popular attraction in most beach destinations in the Philippines, and Puerto Galera is no exception. It’s a relatively risk-free activity that a lot of visitors in Puerto Galera enjoy. With prices starting at P1,500 for one person, you can fly through the air for 15 minutes while being whisked away by a motorboat. It’s a great way to see Puerto Galera’s natural and man-made beauty unimpeded and with a bit of adventure involved!

    There are a lot of places to book your parasailing adventure in Puerto Galera. There are tour providers at the ready once you get to Sabang or White Beach, but we recommend booking one from your hotel to ensure your safety.

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    You should add the new Tribal Hills nature Park in Aninuan, Puerto Galera. It has ATV mountain trekking, a sky circuit aerial rope course, archery, kids activities and a picnic area.

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