December 16, 2017

Raymen Resort Island Hopping in Guimaras

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  • As an island surrounded by pristine waters, healthy marine life, and stunning islets, Guimaras is a well-known spot for island hopping. There are a couple of island hopping tours in different parts of the island with different jump-off points and itineraries.

    Raymen Beach Resort, based in Alibuhod Beach in the southern part of the island, is one of the most popular providers of island hopping tours. The lineup of islands is diverse and will excite your curiosity, especially if you are a beach lover.

    IMAGE by MoshPit Magbanua

    You will start at Alubihod Beach as your jump-off point. You will first head to Ave Maria Islet, which is known for its creamy white sandbar. It has sparkling blue waters on a fine and sunny day and is also a good spot to go snorkeling.

    Next, you will be brought to Turtle Island just across Ave Maria Islet. It was named so because it used to be a sanctuary for sea turtles until they were freed or transferred to the new feeding and caring station in Jordan. Don’t worry, it is said that you can still meet one sea turtle that stayed behind. Otherwise, you can have fun in the crystal-clear water and do more snorkeling.

    Another interesting spot is Baras Cave, where you have to get off the boat and walk and swim through a small cave. At Lamurawan Beach meanwhile, you can climb the stairs up to a small grotto from where you can also get a good view of the surrounding islands.

    You will also sail by (only for sightseeing and picture-taking) beautiful private beach islands like Fairy Castle, Isla Naburot, Isla Natago, and Solly Luna.

    The Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), while it’s the farthest among the islands and the last in the itinerary, is worth the visit if you are into fish science or want to inject some deeper learning to your tour. For an entrance fee of Php 25, you can meet different schools of fishand learn about mariculture.

    IMAGE by MoshPit Magbanua

    Raymen’s Island Hopping Tour costs Php 500 for the first hour plus Php 150 for every succeeding hour for 1 to 10 people. There are also rates for bigger groups of up to 20 people. Typically, one island hopping tour takes about two to three hours.

    It is best to go island hopping in the morning until noon. Low tide usually hits in the afternoon which means that your boat won’t be able to go close and dock on some islands.


    Address: Alubihod Beach, Poblacion, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras
    Contact numbers: 033-396-0248 / 033-396-0252
    Office hours: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    Facebook page:

    This feature appears in the December 2017 issue of Philippine Primer Japanese magazine.
    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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