November 26, 2017

Unique Glamping Spots to Visit Before the Year Ends

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  • You have probably heard of glamping, a blend word of glamorous camping. This new travel trend gives you a reason to take on different kinds of adventure and explore different places without giving up on comfort.

    Through glamping, you can feel closer to nature compared to crashing in a hotel room. You feel the wind through the tent fabric, hear leaves rustling on trees, and listen to ocean waves dancing and touching the shore—all while relaxing inside a hotel-like accommodation minus the concrete walls.

    We don’t see this travel trend dying down anytime soon, so while the weather is good and the holidays are long, check out these unique glamping spots in the country!

    Easy Adventure, Baler

    Easy Adventure in Baler, Aurora has the perfect formula for adventure and relaxation. This resort offers exciting activities like surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Afterwards, you can relax and just watch the stars at night in their spacious and earthy glamping tents.

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    Sand and Stars, Aurora

    Less than two hours away from Baler, Aurora, Sand and Stars offers a glamping experience that will let you peacefully revel in nature, your time with loved ones and time for yourself. Compared to Baler, the beach here is less commercialized. Their glamping tents, with Bohemian touches on the pillows and mats, will make your Instagram feed more colorful!

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    Taal Maranan’s Farmville, Batangas

    Just three hours from Manila, Taal Maranan Farmville in Batangas offers a glamping retreat amidst a vast green farm. Here, you can appreciate the beauty of farm living and enjoy healthy farm foods. Their glamping tents are simple and spacious, a great spot to wake up to the sunrise and fresh air.

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    Anguib Beach Club, Sta. Ana, Cagayan

    Anguib Beach Club is a long trip from Manila but worth it once you find the untainted Boracay-like beach surrounded by greens and mountains. The glamping tents at Anguib Beach Club look like something transported out of a fairy tale. The beach has only a few commercial establishments in the area but not lacking the things that will make your stay pleasant and enjoyable.

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    Have you discovered any other new glamping spots? Share them with us in the comments below!

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