May 27, 2017

Pacific War Memorial Museum in Corregidor

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  • Located close to Cine Corregidor and the Filipino-American Friendship Park is the Pacific War Memorial Museum. The museum may be a small and quaint one, but it holds remnants of the war that had come and gone – letters, memorabilia, photographs, mortars, and more.

    Upon entering the place, guests will be welcomed with a floor-to-ceiling mosaic of the events that had transpired during the Second World War. It shows the map of Corregidor and the many spots to which the two opposing sides have infiltrated and destroyed. Glass-enclosed tables carry various small items that were found in Corregidor after the war, may it be personal belongings, clothing items, uniforms, utensils, or war items.

    Photographs were also framed and hung upon the walls of the museum. These photos narrated the story and served as the physical evidences of what happened during the war – the bloody dispute between different the nations which resulted to sacrificing the lives of countless Filipinos, Americans, and

    Japanese soldiers only to reclaim the freedom of the country.

    Upon walking around the museum, you would find that there are also other rooms that feature other items from the war. One was dedicated to exhibiting the letters of the American soldiers to their family, another was for the weapons – mortars, hand guns, and machine guns – that the people were able to find and preserve.

    The Pacific War Memorial Museum is a good place to visit especially if you’re into history, as you can see the story of Corregidor and the soldiers who resided in it before and during the war. With the small items that people find displayed inside, they also see the bits of history on how the Filipino reclaimed their freedom.


    Address: Corregidor Island, Bataan

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