May 08, 2017

Cool Down: 5 Coolest Cities in the Philippines

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  • It’s the middle of summer, and everyone’s been feeling the heat. Temperatures in the metro rarely fell below 30°, and everyone’s been feeling the heat as the days wore on.

    Malls are convenient for most of Metro Manila’s residents, as they are at least a ride away from their homes. But rather than stay cooped up in a hotel, mall, or even your room, we suggest you go out and visit these five cities that have always been on the low end of the temperature scale:

    Baguio City

    The City of Pines. The Summer Capital of the Philippines. These are just some of the names that the city perched on top of a plateau has been called over the years. Baguio City is located about 250 kilometers north of Metro Manila, and is situated on top of a 1,500-meter plateau.

    VIEW FROM MINESVIEW. It’s also known for views like this./PRIMER FILE PHOTO

    Temperatures here rarely go above 27°, and it’s a frequent destination for anyone looking to escape the heat of the city. February is one of the best times to visit, as Baguio often gets the coldest temperatures during this time. It’s also when the Panagbenga Festival is held.

    A word to the wise: if you’re planning to attend Panagbenga, make sure you’re in Baguio a couple of days before the festival to avoid the congestion along the city’s roads.

    Tagaytay City

    Long been called the country’s second Summer Capital, Tagaytay City is the go-to destination for those who want a quick escape from the Metro Manila heat without wanting to brave the 10-12 hour drive to Baguio City.

    A TRIP THAT’S #WORTH. This common expression for gamers can also be used for those taking the one to two-hour trip to Tagaytay./PHOTO Matteo Russo via flickr

    Temperatures in Tagaytay rarely venture close to 30°, with year-round temperatures that are only a bit warmer that Baguio. It’s known for its many restaurants whose views of Taal Volcano make it the perfect escape from Metro Manila.

    Pro tip: Tagaytay may be close to Metro Manila, but the drive lately has not been as pleasant as it used to. Leaving early for Tagaytay will give you a better chance of enjoying the city without having to bear with the traffic.


    If there’s one place in the North that’s colder than Baguio City, it’s Sagada. Temperatures here get so cold that people already know to dress in layers whenever they take a trip there. It’s a little bit higher than Baguio City, giving it much colder year-round temperatures compared to the summer capital.

    MORE THAN THE COFFINS. Sagada is known for more than just its hanging coffins; every hiked up Mt. Kiltepan?/IMAGE Arlene via flickr

    Famous for its hanging coffins (which have been closed due to an unfortunate accident), people also go to Sagada for trekking, spelunking, rappelling, picnics, nature hikes, historical sites, and tribal celebrations. Oh, and did we mention Kiltepan?

    Word to the wise: if you’re going to visit Sagada, practice layering your clothes. It gets pretty cold there (10° at night). And no, your cardigan or blazer won’t cut it.

    Canlaon City

    It’s a lot further south, but Negros Island’s Canlaon City has been on the rise as a summer destination thanks to its cooler-than-usual temperatures.

    MORE THAN A MOUNTAIN. Canlaon City is also known for this 1,300-year-old balete tree./IMAGE

    It’s situated at the foot of Mt. Canlaon, an active volcano (not too active, though), and while being that close to a volcano usually merits a cause for concern, the rich lands around it have given the people enough of a reason to stay.

    Some of the best things to see here apart from the mountain are the Balate Tree in Baranggay Lumabao, the natural slides of Padudusan Falls, and Makawiwili Ridge, also known as the “Saddle in the Sky.”

    Lake Sebu

    It’s a small town that’s chock full of places that will make your friends and loved ones say #feedgoals, all while you hardly break a sweat. With year-round temperatures that revolve around the 25° range, this South Cotabato municipality is a treat for both the eyes and the skin.

    ONE OF SEVEN. Known for places that look like they came from a postcard, Lake Sebu’s Seven Lakes is a sight to behold./PHOTO Constance Agustin via flickr

    Situated a kilometer above sea level, it’s covered with lush rain forests and some of the most picturesque hills and mountains this side of the Philippines. A popular attraction is visiting the town’s seven falls: Hikong Alo, Hikong Bente, Hikong B’Lebel, Hikong Lowig, Hikong Ukol, Hikong K’Fo-I, and Hikong Tonok.

    You can either go the scenic route, hiking from one lake to the other, or go for a more adrenaline-pumping way: ride a zipline.

    Got any more cities you’d like to add to this list? Hit us up in the comments section!

    Written by Andronico Del Rosario
    Source: CNN Travel, Rappler

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