May 07, 2017

Talulabell Handmade Crafts in Bicol

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  • “We love to be inspired all the time and think of a new creative designs to make. All of our products are made and designed by real and creative people not factories,” said Maria, owner of Talulabell Handmade Crafts.

    Handmade bags at Talulabell

    Some of the products that are proudly made in Legazpi, Albay are weaved by the natives which makes Talulabell Handmade Crafts a go-to online shop for items originally crafted in Albay. Since there is no physical store of Talulabell, owner maria Olaguera created an online shop to further introduce and sell their products, such as handmade native products made of abaca, from bags, baskets, doormats, lamps and many more.

    Talulabell, which according to the owner has been her mostly used thought word on her childhood days, and decided why not use it for her business name. Handmade Crafts started in 2013, when Maria and her husband finished a contract on their online freelance work. Through their savings, they were able to put up a small business. Afterwards, Maria was able to research and look for some inspiration to start a good online business idea.

    Woven pen holders

    Maria has always been fond of handmade crafts, so they started looking for talented artisans who can make such. This was the time they have met Ate Mels—maker of handicrafts ever since she was a kid. Her expertise is making bags made of abaca.

    The couple gave her a sewing machine to start working on new designs at their home, then had a few orders online until they’ve met some good clients who started ordering bulk orders. They were so amazed with the unexpected hit of their native handmade to people especially foreign people. As they gain momentum with their business, they somehow managed to expand their workers and collections. Their online business is running for more than 3 years now, and planning to stay in the business for the coming years.

    Maria shares that they buy the raw materials (abaca jute) within the 6 kilometers permanent danger zone of Mayon Volcano and that their supplier of wood handle is an old man around 70 years of age (Pay Ben), still carries 2 sacks full of handles, all alone when delivering to Ate Meld’s house. He just commutes and walk since the house of Ate Melds is still a distance away from the road.


    General Information

    Address: Zone 2, Bariw, Camalig, Albay, Philippines
    Phone Number: 0919-9946482
    Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. -22:00 p.m. (Monday-Saturday)
    Instagram: talulabell1204
    Price Range: PP

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