March 27, 2017

Z Hostel Roofdeck in Makati: Where Makati Nightlife Thrives

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  • Z Hostel Roofdeck in Makati: Where Makati Nightlife Thrives
  • This roofdeck will definitely make you love Makati nightlife even more.

    Before sunset view of Z Hostel Roofdeck

    If you’ve seen the beauty of Makati City in broad daylight, then you’d probably want to see how it looks come night time. And probably one of the best spots to enjoy the city’s nightlife would be at the renowned roofdeck of Z Hostel Philippines.

    DJs come to play their sets

    The Z Hostel Roofdeck, situated atop the traveler-favorite Z Hostel, is your friendly nightlife hub. If you’re into cold beers, finger foods, and casual hangouts, then this is the place to be. This spot of Z Hostel has been a favorite among travelers who come frequently to Manila, where people can just chill and enjoy the night with unfamiliar places.  Local and international artists also go here to play their set and spend the rest of the night with good music and new-found friends. It’s a place where you can enjoy the night—whether just by yourself with a cocktail or with a group of fellow travelers. Plus points for having a great view of the city skyline by dusk, and there goes your dose of city nightlife in Makati.

    Nighttime at the Roofdeck

    Want to have a memorable night at the city? Visit Z Hostel Roofdeck in Makati City!

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    *Images grabbed from Z Hostel Philippines’ website


    Address: 5660 Don Pedro St. Makati City

    Facebook page:

    Contact: 0917-889-8531



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