March 06, 2017

Truly Ilocano Paradise at Grand Octagon Resort and Hotel

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  • On a budget but still wanting to see a truly Ilocano paradise? See Grand Octagon Resort.

    A homey place to stay in

    All tourists would always like to travel without going over their budget. However, accommodations are usually pricey which is why some opt for a cheaper alternative. Here in Grand Octagon Resort, you can get the best accommodation at an affordable price.

    Clean traditional rooms

    This homey resort is a family-run business built by retired educators turned hoteliers, who learned about the hospitality industry by experience. Started only as a garage lot, it has now evolved to a two storey accommodation that is inspired by Ilocano dwellings, as their theme for the whole place. It was named Grand Octagon because of the eight members in the family who help out each other by giving their ideas to make the business flourish. The place is actually built through suggestions from friends and family which eventually turned out to be a one-of-a-kind accommodation. The main concept of the resort is to preserve the Ilocano culture, which is why you wouldn’t find it as the usual luxury hotel you’d find in the cities. Many tourists prefer to stay here, especially those coming from other countries as they celebrate weddings in the place because of its unique Ilocos vibe. The Grand Octagon Resort doesn’t look intimidating; in fact it looks more of like a traditional home where it’s peaceful and feels like home.

    Where events can be held

    Grand Octagon amenities include a garden, pool, and a restaurant called Ayuyang. Their pavilion serves as the function area where most events are celebrated, but guests are also welcome to hold events at the garden where it can accommodate hundreds of people too. Their rooms found at their traditional looking accommodation, is equipped with hot and cold shower, WiFi, Cable TV, free pool pass, complimentary breakfast, and air condition to make the stay more convenient. They have 8 types of room ranging from standard to deluxe, and they also have dorm-type rooms for those in groups with 12 persons maximum. It is also a pet-friendly resort however terms and conditions may apply.

    Once here, you’ll feel at home while you are surrounded by a garden perfect for those nature-lovers. Be amazed at the traditional setting of the place where you’ll have a glimpse of how Ilocano people decorate and build their houses—something you would not learn out of other hotels in the area. Have a great yet affordable stay here at Grand Octagon!


    Address: Brgy. 50 Buttong, Airport Avenue, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

    Contact: (077) 670-8224, (077) 676-1704

    Mobile: 0917-946-7886

    Email: or


    Facebook page: (Grand Octagon Resort)

    Check in: 2:00 pm

    Check out: 12:00 nn

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