October 16, 2016

Hiking in the Philippines

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  • One of the best activities to do wherever you are is hiking. Aside from being a lifestyle sport, hiking gets you closer with nature. Plus, it’s a cheap activity—you don’t have to spend so much money on an experience worth having.


    HIKING IN THE PHILIPPINES. A lifestyle sport to try!

    Philippines is one of the countries which have the best hiking destination. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner who would love to try this sport, you’ve got lots of mountains to trek here. Before you do so, check our list for some tips you might need before embarking on a trip towards the top!

    1. Research.


    PLAN AHEAD. Better safe than sorry!

    It’s very important that you plan your guide. Hiking is a sport to be taken seriously. Research about the place, check maps, and see if hiking is allowed as some mountains here are closed for mountaineering activities. Also, some need registration fees: you can even get discounts if you have your student ID with you. Plan ahead to avoid any inconvenience.

    1. Book a guide.


    WHAT’S THE WAY? Better to have a tour guide with you in your ascent.

    Some mountains in the Philippines are too risky to climb which is why you will need a guide who knows the ways through the mountain you want to go to. Make sure that they are legitimate guides for your own safety. Some popular mountains have tourist information center where you can ask for a guide to help you out on your journey.

    1. Bring only the essentials.


    WHAT’S INSIDE? Your bag shouldn’t be too heavy or else it’ll give you a hard time on your trek.

    You wouldn’t want your hike to be more tiring than it already is, right? Leave those things which are not essential in your hike as it will only make your more exhausted if you bring heavy things. Maps, food, water, extra clothes, first aid kits, and things you’ll need for emergency purposes are the only things necessary when hiking. Ask the pros!

    1. Respect the mountain.


    TAKE NOTHING BUT PICTURES. Don’t destroy the place by writing or carving anything at the surface.

    As what they always say, “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.” Sadly, some mountains are now being closed to any mountaineering activities because of people’s negligence. Never leave trash along the area, don’t do activities which are prohibited, and lastly, don’t destroy its beauty.

    1. Go in groups!


    THE MORE THE MERRIER. Travel in groups to make the adventure fun!

    Aside from “the more, the merrier,” it’s always better to go in groups than going solo. This is also for security reasons, because going solo is rather daunting. If your friends are not too keen with hiking, you can always join an organized hike. Just be informed of the itinerary – you don’t want to be in a group where you can’t keep up with their expertise, would you?

    Want to see some of the mountains recommended for trekking? Check out list here.

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