October 01, 2016

Top Diving Destinations in the Philippines

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  • The Philippines has so much to offer when it comes to underwater marine life. From breathtaking coral reefs to various sea animals to incredible sunken warships and cemetery, it is definitely one of the countries to visit for divers out. We have compiled the top diving sites you may want to see that features the amazing underwater culture of the country.

    1. WWII Shipwreck in Coron, Palawan


    Image grabbed from pinterest.com

    Scuba dive through ship wrecks! One of the reasons why Coron in Palawan is one of the top vacation destinations for most travelers is because of the abandoned sunken Japanese warships of the World War II wrecks. It is an interesting diving attraction because of these finds and also because of its vast marine life.

    1. Tubbataha Reef in Sulu Sea, Palawan

    Snorkeling Tubbataha: The Most Beautiful Reef in the Philippines

    Image grabbed from tommyschultz.com

    Ranked by CNN’s travel website as one of the top eight dive sites in the world, Tubbataha Reef deserves to be a site to visit because of its remarkable coral reefs. Located in isolation, here you can encounter large marine animals and see various marine creatures you have never seen before.

    1. Anilao, Batangas


    Image grabbed from uwphotographyguide.com

    Tagged as one of the premier diving destinations in the Philippines, Anilao is a favorite among Manila-based divers because of being only a few hours drive away from the metro. Here, they have good diving conditions that suit divers who want to see the underwater scenery of Batangas.

    1. Coconut, Apo Island


    Image by Jeannette Kuriger, grabbed from sea-explorers.com

    Known as the “Washing Machine,” Coconut in Apo Island is best for advanced divers who have drift diving experience. Here, you can see abundant marine life with various creatures such as parrotfish, snappers, turtles, and sea snakes.

    1. Monad Shoal, Malapascua


    Image by Alexey Stoyda, grabbed from sea-explorers.com

    Also known as “Shark Point,” Monad Shoal is a world-famous dive site where you can see rare Thresher sharks. You can also see manta rays, pufferfish, pygmy seahorse, and moray eels here. The dive site also offers wreck, macro, cave, and wall diving.

    1. Sabang Bay in Puerto Galera, Mindoro


    Image grabbed from dailydive.com

    This paradise of an island is also a favorite among divers because it is a year-round diving destination. Whether high or low season, you will see its grand marine life and it is also an ideal place for dive education. Underwater photographers will love how colorful the marine life is in this site. Whether for an early morning dive or late afternoon, you will enjoy diving at Puerto Galera.

    1. Cabilao Island, Bohol


    Image grabbed from divescover.com

    Cabilao Island is known for scuba diving and snorkeling sites. Its surrounding undisturbed reefs make it a perfect destination for diving. You will be able to discover hammerhead sharks among its diversified ecosystem which will make you see more of Bohol’s beauty underwater.

    8. Blue Hole, Romblon Island


    Image grabbed from the Three P Holiday and Dive Resort on flickr.com

    Want to see a bottomless abyss? Check out Blue Hole in Romblon. To dive in the Blue Hole, you need to have a certification of Advanced Adventurer/Advanced Open Water Diver. Discover this interesting cave deep into a volcanic chimney covered with corals!

    1. Camiguin


    Image grabbed from turtlebaydiveresort.com

    Camiguin is home to wonderful scuba diving sites. Here you can see different diving sites such as the Old Volcano for lava streets and huge rocks, Sunken Cemetery for turtles, barracuda, and trigger fish, Canyons for small caves, and White Island where you can see forest of black corals among others.

    1. Subic Bay


    Image grabbed from camayandivers.com

    Up for a thrilling wreck dive? Head on over at Subic! Their amazing underwater site will let you explore its vast amazing creatures such as coral fish, shellfish, stingrays, octopus, and batfish. Best time to visit here is during the dry season so be sure to check out all the diving sites you can explore in this place.

    Get those diving gears ready and explore Philippines’ marine culture!

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