August 02, 2016

Puka Beach

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  • For those who would want to see the serene part of Boracay, head on over to Puka Beach.


    PUKA BEACH. The serene part of Boracay

    Not all those who go to Boracay like the hustle and bustle that the White Beach offers. Some travelers prefer to see the part of Boracay where there are not much commercial establishments, less crowded, and quieter—just the way islands are supposed to be. Here, we introduce you to Puka Beach, the island paradise.

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    PUKA SHELLS. The shells found along the beach where it was named after

    Puka Beach is named after Puka shells which you can find scattered along the powdery sands of the beach. This beach, in comparison to White Beach, is less popular as it does not have the booming restaurants, clubs, and shopping areas you’d certainly see in the latter. Some say that’s it is just as beautiful as the main beach, but with shells.


    CRYSTAL BLUE WATER. Various shades of blue will welcome you to the beach

    Puka Beach is found beyond Station 1. It is usually a part of the itinerary if you go for an island hopping tour within Boracay. Locals would say that it is much cleaner compared to the main beach as you can really see the different shades of blue complementing the sky during the afternoon. This 800-meter beach is one of the longest beaches, perfect for those who would like to stroll by the beachside towards the sunset, as it is not crowded, perfect for those who would like to have some peaceful time.

    Although the sand is not that white, it is still as fine as with the other beaches. When it comes to the water, it’s clear enough for you to see your feet underwater—the way you know it’s clean and not murky.


    COTTAGES. Use the cottages if you want to take a break from swimming

    If you just plan to stay in Puka beach for a while, there are several cottages you could use along the shore. Some store owners would offer you fruit shakes so you can use the cottage for free. There are three restaurants found by the beach which you can check out for dining options. It is best to spend the afternoon here while sipping a drink, reading a book, with the sound of the crashing waves at the background. It’s totally what you want to experience while at the beach: relaxing and peaceful.

    To go to Puka Beach, you can hire a tricycle which costs P100-P150 depending on the haggling. It will only be a 15-minute ride and no entrance fee to the beach is needed.

    Wishing to feel what authentic island vibe is like, visit this beautiful Puka beach!


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