July 02, 2016

Walk This Way Tour

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  • Tour guide and culture advocate Carlos Celdran offers a tour like no other with his Walk This Way Tour where he brings tourists along for a walk while explaining in detail the essential things that they ought to know in Intramuros.



    The tour takes as long as 3 hours. Some may raise their eyebrows at the seeming information overload but Carlos Celdran’s prosody and storytelling ability allows tourists to absorb and appreciate 400 years of history for almost 3 hours without a problem or any hint of boredom. He presents history in an animated way and you can’t help but feel wrapped up in it.

    The tour ends with a snack that’s inclusive with the payment. Snacks could vary but tourists are usually given a halo-halo treat, a classic Filipino dessert perfect for the sunny weather.

    Those interested to book a tour may proceed to Carlos Celdran’s website for more information.


    Walk This Way Tour

    Telephone Numbers: 484 4945 or 909 2021

    Email Address: celdrantours@hotmail.com


    Adult – Php1100

    Student – Php600

    Kids (3-5 yrs. old) – Php350

    Senior / PWD – Php900

    Payments are made onsite

    Google Map:
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