April 04, 2016

Amanpulo: Paradise within Paradise

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  • The Philippines is home to some of the best islands to visit in the world. With over 7,500 islands, there is no shortage of places to visit within the country. From party capitals to tranquil walks, there’s something for everyone in the Philippines.

    This includes luxury, and there are few places as luxurious as Amanpulo.



    YOUR PATCH OF PARADISE. Amanpulo as seen from the skies above the Sulu Sea.


    Amanpulo is the height of luxury in beach resorts. Located on Pamilican Island in Cuyo, Palawan, it is the epitome of luxurious island living, set on its own private island. Luxury starts as soon as you get to the airport. You’ll be greeted by a representative who will take you to a private terminal where you can get on a plane to the island.

    After about an hour in the air, you’ll get a glimpse of one of the most sought-after resorts in the world. The blue waters combined with the pristine white sand beach really pop out.



    A VIEW FROM THE SEA. The villas and casitas as seen from Sulu Sea.


    Luxury as a word might be an understatement. Amanpulo is at the height of luxury, privacy, and exclusivity, with guests usually being separated upon check-in. You’re provided your own Club Car (basically a dune buggy) to get to your casita or villa from where you check-in.



    BEST NIPA HUTS IN THE COUNTRY. Inspired by the native dwelling, casitas elevate the humble nipa hut to something fit for this luxurious island resort.


    The resort’s private casitas are inspired by the bahay kubo or nipa hut, the country’s native dwelling. Each casita is placed far enough from each other that you’ll feel like you have the island to yourself. Views from each casita are as stunning as the ones you’ll get on the beach, with beach casitas having direct access to it.



    YOUR SLICE OF PARADISE. Villas are by far the best ways to enjoy your stay, where almost everything is taken care of for you.


    The private villas, however, take the cake. These villas are mere steps away from Pamilican’s white sand beach, each with its own pool as well as outdoor lounging and dining areas. Add in your own private chef and butler and you will have officially spoiled yourself.

    You won’t find yourself lacking in dining options, with both local and international cuisine being offered by the resort’s in-house restaurant, Clubhouse Restaurant and Beach Club. If you’re in a casita, you can have your food served there, or better yet, have it served on the beach. You can even request for something off-menu if you so choose.

    From activities as intense as sailing, windsurfing, tennis, and bike rides, to just relaxing on the beach, taking nature walks, you can have fun by being active or by taking in the sights and sounds of the island. There’s also a spa where you can enjoy a peaceful massage while you relax and take in the views of the island.

    Amanpulo is located at Pamalican Island, Cuyo, Palawan. For reservations, you can call 02-976-5200 or 02-976-5204. You can also send them an email at amanpulo@amanresorts.com, or visit their website, https://www.aman.com/resorts/amanpulo. You can also get updates from their Facebook page, Amanpulo. Room rates are from P60,000 and up depending on the season.


    Source: aman.com, pauljohnpena.com

    Photos via Amanpulo brochure

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