March 11, 2016

Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna

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  • For those who love to seek the great outdoors, here’s one place you can see that can be found in the South: Pagsanjan Falls, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Philippines, will let you take on an adventure in this mesmerizing paradise.


    pagsanjan falls

    PAGSANJAN FALLS. Laguna’s treasured paradise.


    Pagsanjan Falls is a well-known attraction in Laguna. One reason why it became popular is that it’s usually part of History textbooks in schools in the Philippines. It is actually found at the town of Cavinti and not in Pagsanjan, but some say that the name stuck because Pagsanjan is the most popular way to reach the said falls. Locals of Cavinti call it Magdapio Falls which is its indigenous name.

    Two routes (Cavinti and Pagsanjan) can be used to access the falls. Through Pagsanjan, a 1-hour boat ride is needed to reach the falls to the pool which is called “shooting the rapids.” Licensed boatmen will accompany tourists and after the falls experience, a thrill ride ensues downstream.



    Bamboo rafts through the river


    When going the Cavinti route, a trek/rappel is needed through a 90-degree steel ladder to reach the falls and a raft at the bottom shall take the tourists to the main part of the cascading falls. If you wish for an adventurous journey, this is the best way to go although you really have to be physically fit as the trek may be challenging. However tough the trekking might be, as you descend the ladder you will be able to see a picturesque view of the ravishing river and multi-colored canoes drifting through the waters.

    Take note that there are no vendors around the area so you need to buy your food and drinks in town. Be ready to get wet so wear clothes that are fit for the outdoors. To go to the Falls, you need to ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz and alight at Cavinti. Ride a jeep going to Cavinti then take a tricycle to Pueblo El Salvador. You need to pay boat ride fees per passenger, entrance fee, and rental of lifejackets (compulsory) so make sure to bring enough money.

    As you go to Pagsanjan Falls, you’ll realize that there are plenty of paradises in the Philippines that you can discover. Have a great travel in the South!



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