March 06, 2016

Mount Pinatubo In The Borders of Pampanga: A Destructively Beautiful Hiking Destination

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  • 27 years later, from something that once rocked the country and shocked Southeast Asia, Mount Pinatubo is now hailed as one of the country’s top tourist destination with its dangerous yet aesthetically beautiful sight.

    Mt_pinatubo_craterNO LONGER JUST A VOLCANO. Mount Pinatubo has become one of the country’s major tourist spots.

    Mount Pinatubo can be found on the border of three provinces: Pampanga, Tarlac, and Zambales. It’s no more than three hours away from the city, making it ideal for those seeking adventure, yet do not have that much time. 

    Mount Pinatubo is best known for its June 1991 eruption, the most intense eruption in recent memory, second only to when Krakatoa blew its top in 1883. It almost wiped the province of Zambales off the map but has since become dormant, offering spectacular views of the caldera created in the aftermath of its eruption. Although considered as a dangerous sight, its beauty sparked interest to people and foreigners, making trail hikes to Mount Pinatubo part of everyone’s itinerary.

    lakepinatuboBEAUTY FROM DESTRUCTION. A view of Pinatubo Lake.

    Mount Pinatubo has some of the easiest trails that can be conquered even by the most inexperienced hiker. The terrain is mostly flat, perfect for anyone who doesn’t like going uphill too much. It is a long hike, though, so be sure to stock up on food and water, as well as sunscreen. Lahar deposits are not good for growing trees along any trail, so you will be under the sun for the duration of the trek.

    How To Go To Mount Pinatubo:

    Getting to Mount Pinatubo is easier than ever. From Angeles Pampanga Town Proper, you can ride either a jeepney or a tricycle going to Dau Bus Terminal in Mabalacat. Hop in a bus northbound, the one which will pass by Capas, Tarlac and then get off in front Mcdonalds. Take the tricycle going to Santa Juliana’s tourist office where you can register and be briefed for the tour. Pay the hiking fees there and you’re good to go!

    EASY TRAILS, LONG HIKES. Pinatubo has some of the easiest trails in the country.

    They say that it’s best to go there during the so-called “Ber-months” (September – December) until February when the sun won’t burn you to a crisp, so keep that in mind and take note of a perfect date for your next trail hike. See the beauty that is hidden within the dangerous sight everyone sees at Mount Pinatubo.

    For trail hikes inquiries, you can call Santa Juliana’s Tourism Office at (045) 925 0154. Rates are from Php 6,000+ (1 person) to Php 11, 200+ (5 persons)

    Tourism Fees Pinatubo: (Capas and Batolan)

    • 4×4 ride – Php 3,000 max of 5 person
    • Local guide – 500 per vehicle
    • Tourism fee in Capas – Php 300 per head
    • Tourism fee in Batolan – 400 per head


    • Php 4,200 for 1 person
    • Php 4,900 for 2 persons
    • Php 5,600 for 3 persons
    • Php 6,300 for 4 persons
    • Php 7,000 for 5 persons


    • For ages 40yrs old and above, present proper identification
    • For 60yrs old and above, it is required to bring a medical practitioner or medical certificate and proper identification like passport or government issued ID’s

    For children:

    • Capas tourism – children below 7 years old is free of charge
    • Batolan fee – children below 10 years old is free of charge

    Cut off time of registration of guests to Pinatubo is 7:00 am.

    Source: VisitTarlac,, Camille tries to blog, Confessions of a Pinay Travel Junkie
    Photos courtesy of Doods Dumaging via Flickr, Thedandyman via Wikimedia Commons, ChrisTomnong via Wikimedia Commons

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