March 05, 2016

Taal Volcano

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  • If you’re the kind of traveler who takes interest in going to scenic nature spots, we know a place for you. Taal Volcano, the second most active volcano in the Philippines, is a sight to see and a place to discover in the Philippines.



    TAAL. An overlooking view of the Taal Volcano in Batangas. (Photo courtesy of Knot Martinez via Flickr)


    Taal Volcano is an island within a lake, on an island, within a lake, on an island found in Batangas, Philippines. It’s just a two-hour drive from Manila, which is why it is a favorite destination by locals who don’t like travelling too far from home.

    To get to the volcano, you will need to hire a banca to go to cross the Taal Lake. After that short boat ride, the trekking will now start. No need to worry for non-hikers as this is a relatively easy hike. You can also opt to ride a horse for a faster hike for only P400-P500. After 30-45 minutes, you will now be able to see the magnificent view of the Crater Lake with its clear turquoise waters surrounded by crater walls.

    Taal Volcano is a great place to go to especially when you’re all for adventures. Here, you can try horseback riding, trekking, sight-seeing without having to spend too much. Here’s a tip: bring snacks and refreshments with you as the hike may be exhausting.

    The best time to go here is during October to end of June, as the rainy season (July to September) may not be a good time to trek because of the muddy soil and gloomy weather.

    So, why not make Taal your next travel destination? With its close proximity to Manila, you will surely love the breath of fresh air it brings, away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. See Taal Volcano and marvel at one of the best spots to see in the Philippines!


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