March 02, 2016

Mayon Volcano

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  • What makes Albay a favorite among tourists is because of its scenic Mayon Volcano, which is a postcard-perfect spot to admire in Legaspi, Albay.


    mt. mayon

    MOUNT MAYON. A picture-perfect view of the Mayon Volcano seen with the Cagsawa Ruins. (Photo courtesy of Joemarie Escovilla Jr. via


    Mt. Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines, with its frequent eruption producing mud slides, ash falls, and lava flows which have destructed several towns time and again. However, even with its powerful might, Mayon still makes it at the top provinces to visit when in the country with its perfect cone shape

    Local folklore says that Mt. Mayon is named after a legendary heroine called Daragang Magayon, which means “beautiful lady.” This beautiful view that’s best seen on a clear day. Its beauty can be seen almost anywhere within the place, although the best spot would be from the Cagsawa Ruins.

    To go to Albay, you may take a plane ride from Manila that approximately takes an hour. By land, you can take a bus in Cubao or Pasay with 9-12 hours of travel time.


    daraga church

    DARAGA CHURCH (Photo courtesy of Nol’z on Flickr)


    HOYOP-HOYOPAN CAVE (Photo courtesy of Danny Pata via

    Albay Park 9

    ALBAY PARK AND WILDLIFE (Photo courtesy of


    Aside from admiring the scenic Mayon view, one can go solo on a backpacking tour to visit historical sites in the place, such as the St. Raphael and Daraga Church, Cagsawa Ruins, Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave in Camalig, Albay Park and Wildlife, and the Battle of Legazpi Pylon monument in the city center.



    ATV TOUR (Photo courtesy of Kara Santos on


    VERA FALLS (Photo courtesy of Yves Yu on


    For those who would like an adrenaline-rush kind of experience, try their ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) tour which leads you to a rocky trail that will give you a closer view of the Mayon Volcano. For mountaineers, climb the Lignon Hill early in the morning for a breathtaking view of the surroundings. You can also try zip-lining and rappelling for extreme adventures.

    For relaxation, go to several falls, such as the Vera, Palale, Busay, and Bugsucan Falls for a water adventure. It’s the best spot for relaxation and picnic with friends.



    SOUVENIR SHOPPING (Photo courtesy of by Digishooter on Flickr)


    You can also try feasting on their local cuisine as Albay is known for their delectable Filipino dishes such as pinangat (a popular Bicolano dish wrapped in gabi leaves with shrimp paste, crushed chili, and simmered with coconut milk). Also, go to souvenir shops and buy local goods such as dried foods and Abaca products, perfect for pasalubong (souvenir).

    Have a fun-filled vacation in Albay and explore all the beauty that it has to offer to its guests. Whether you like extreme adventures or relaxing experiences, put Mayon on your list.


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