January 07, 2016

Chaya Bed and Breakfast

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  • Update as of May 2018: Chaya Bed & Breakfast does not operate anymore but the restaurant remains open.

    Why spend for a luxurious hotel when you can opt for a cozy Bed and Breakfast feel? In Chaya Bed and Breakfast, you can feel at home on your stay here in Baguio.


    FEEL AT HOME. Experience convenience here at Chaya Bed and Breakfast in Baguio! Photo grabbed from http://isshin3jph.blog.com/

    Transient homes are very popular in Baguio. With the flock of tourists that the city receives every now and then, not all hotels can accommodate every vacationer. With that, transient places have become convenient for many tourists with its affordability and intimacy.

    One of the most famous bed and breakfasts establishments here in Baguio is Chaya. Chaya is more popular because of being a Japanese restaurant. But aside from being a bistro, they also offer a transient place. With its comfortable rooms, you can relax intimately at the rooms they have available for guests.


    STAY IN BED. Relax at Chaya’s comfortable beds for only P2,200 per night.

    There are two double guest rooms in Chaya, and up to 4 people can stay in each room. All rooms are certainly clean and organized as it is being maintained regularly.


    GO ORGANIC. Eat breakfast like a king with Chaya’s sumptuous organic dishes.

    Aside from their room accommodations, Chaya offers a hearty breakfast for its guests. And since you’re in Baguio, the breakfast they serve are organic which makes use of locally grown Baguio vegetables. It’s a nice way to start your day by appreciating local produces through having them for breakfast!


    CHAYA’S JAPANESE RESTAURANT. See Chaya’s authentic Japanese cuisine served at their resto.

    If you’re all for convenience, intimacy, and affordability, Chaya is a recommended spot for your bed and breakfast needs. And while you’re there, check out their Japanese restaurant as well!

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