January 02, 2016

Wright Park in Baguio City

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    Wright Park is the locals’ much-loved park, aside from Burnham Park. The plants and trees around the park are beautifully well-maintained so visitors can enjoy wandering around the area. This park is frequently used as a setting in Philippine films and also famous horse-riding.

    Horses are a huge part of Baguio’s culture. /IMAGE Mark Jan Calub

    The Wright Park Riding Circle has a stable of colorful horses with bows, with horse owners called “Pony boys.” It is the riding area for beginners where walking horses are located in the inner circle while running horses are located in the outer circle. Those who want to watch must stay at the viewing decks. Benches are available to avoid accidents.

    Help sustain this part of Baguio’s culture by supporting the locals who care for the horses well. /IMAGE Jaime Singlador

    Meanwhile, the horse riding fee costs Php 300/hour and Php 200/30 minutes. Wright Park is a good place to spend time with family and let children gain new experiences.

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