January 02, 2016

Tam-Awan Village

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  • Discover the indigenous group’s heritage and art by visiting Tam-Awan Village.


    This art village is located in the area where the agricultural people of Ifugao used to reside. It was a vast pastureland with a nearby spring that once served as a source of watering hole for cattle. The village was later on developed by reconstructing Ifugao houses in Baguio with an aim of making a model village accessible to people who wanted to have a chance to witness the Cordillera interior.



    Unique art works are everywhere

    There are seven Ifugao huts and two Kalinga houses present. The former is made compact and simple but with quite sophisticated interior. The latter is more spacious and made with hand-hewn pinewood. These are accessible to lodgers who pay a visit to see the village’s galleries.


    The Ifugao house has been carefully preserved

    Here, group of more than 20 artists exhibit their art works. Each of their unique master pieces are displayed everywhere and are available to buy from P1, 000 to P15, 000. Aside from galleries, there are also workshops held regularly like “Print Making” where guests are allowed to paint their own design on T-shirts. Another activity called “Solar Drawing” is also popular which can be made using a magnifying glass.

    This village showcases indigenous craftsmanship and great appreciation of Cordillera life, culture, and history.

     Admission fee: Child P20 / Student P30 / Adult P50 

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