November 28, 2015

Souvenirs and Delicacies from Los Baños

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    Original Buko Pie (P200)

    ‘Buko’ means young coconut. Aside from hot springs, Laguna is also famous for its yummy buko pies. This favorite pie delicacy is filled with mildly sweet cream and juicy buko. The balanced taste of sweetness and the soft texture of buko make it a favorite pasalubong (gift) of people traveling to Laguna.


    Kesong Puti (P200)

    Kesong Puti means white cheese. This Laguna delicacy is made from cow’s milk and is perfect for salads, pasta dishes and pizzas.


    Goat’s Milk (P100)

    Enjoy their creamy and tasty fresh goat’s milk that also comes in chocolate flavor.


    Mochi Ice Cream (P25 each)

    As the name suggests, it’s mochi (sticky rice) with an ice cream filling. Choose from its 12 flavors that include ube, kesong-puti and mango.


    Salted Duck Egg (P10)

    It is a savory, ready-to-eat, red-colored boiled egg that makes for a good side dish.


    Liliw Sandals

    Liliw Sandals are artisanal footwear known for their good quality and affordable prices.

    It’s a great idea to buy in bulk and give away as souvenir gifts.

    • Espadrilles that come in various designs and colors.

    • Sandal shops abound along the streets.

    • St. John the Baptist Church made of red bricks.

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