November 27, 2015

Splash Mountain Resort

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  • Relax your mind in hot springs and a private Jacuzzi.


    Choose and take a dip in any of their four hot spring pools

    Splash Mountain Resort has three hotels you can choose from: Splash Hotel, Splash Oasis, and Splash Suites. The standard suite rooms in Splash Suites have hot springs that you may use anytime at your convenience. SplashOasis, on the other hand, feels like a private resort as it is located at the farthest part of the facility.


    Enjoy a private time in a hot spring and Jacuzzi at the comfort of your room (Standard Suite room is available for P3,300)

    In front of the hotel are the 24-hour hot spring pool and the Jacuzzi which can be reserved at P750 per hour. It also has four types of swimming pools with slides where you can bring your food and have some barbecue. Its restaurant, the Splash Café serves a variety of food like Filipino and Chinese cuisines. This expansive resort is an ideal place for bonding with families, friends, and colleagues.


    Have a taste of scrumptious cuisines at the hotel’s restaurant.

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