July 23, 2015

Mangrove Cove Villas

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  • If you are in a mood for soul-searching, the Mangrove Cove Villas is a perfect place to detach oneself to the business of life and to simply spend a personal holiday to the road of self-healing.

    One can enjoy the view of the sea from the windows, as the place is located atop a slope facing the sea.


    Downstairs the villa leads to a private beach where one can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, vigorous kayaking, or simply listening to the sound of the waves crashing into the shore.



    # 248 BrgyPalangan, Puerto Galera




    160USD 2 bedroom villa, 250USD 5 bedroom villa

    ※There are five bedrooms that can accommodate 10-12 people. Payment is 10USD per head.

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    They do! Please contact 0939-411-1467 for inquiries. 🙂

    Philippine Primer
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    do you have a 1 bedroom villa?

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