June 26, 2015

Scuba Diving & Hopping Tour

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    The coarse rocks and jagged cliffs add to the appeal of Nasugbu, providing an avenue for those who love to dive headfirst into the water or float effortlessly with a pipe for snorkeling. No worries on making an arrangement because many beach resorts, and travel and tour agencies offer accommodations.

    Fortune Island, located 14 kilometers off the coast of Nasugbu is often hailed by tour guides and the locals as the ‘Santorini of Batangas’, likening the place to the iconic Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea, the remains of a volcanic eruption. Fortune Island, however, is technically not a part of any remains. Rather, it is a ruin on its own. Flourishing back in its early days, it is now a deteriorating resort, abandoned due to issues left a mystery to everyone. Still, it was able to stir the interest of those brave enough. With no water, no electricity, and just meters of white sand extending as far as the eye can see, it is the perfect island to be a set for the renowned television show ‘Survivor’ for castaways to be marooned in.

    A boat tour to Fortune Island costs around P3,000. The boat can accommodate 12 people. There is an additional fee for an overnight stay in the island, only for P3,500. It takes two to three hours for round trips.

    Schools of fish have made a home amidst the ruins surrounding Fortune Island. Snorkeling allows one to see a cuttlefish or two, hiding between coral formations. For an island hopping tour, the boat departs with a minimum fee of P1500 per person and a minimum number of five participants per group. Diving license is USD120 per person.Scuba diving and hopping tour raises the trip to Nasugbu a notch higher.


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