April 27, 2015

Panglao Beach: 5 Reasons to Choose This Bohol Beach over Others

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  • Panglao Beach: 5 Reasons to Choose This Bohol Beach over Others
  • Everyone is everywhere this summer – especially in the splendid beaches in the Philippines. Some say that for every kind of personality, there is one beach that is home to you. There are those beach bums who choose Aklan’s Boracay, and then there are those infinitely enamored by Palawan’s El Nido. However, there’s another front-running beach in Bohol that beach-goers choose through and through: Panglao Beach.

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    We recently explored the shores and depths of this beach. Now, Philippine Primer is sharing with you why Panglao Beach is one of the prime choices of destinations of beach lovers!

    • Algae? The last time we checked, we have not yet seen any of the shores in Panglao Beach covered in algae. Yes, you can still enjoy a picture perfect long stretch of white beach.

    • A variety of resorts to choose from. You don’t have to break the bank when visiting Panglao Beach as you may choose to stay at the affordable beach resorts in Panglao. But, just in case you have more liberty in your hands to choose a more luxurious stay, high-end resorts with excellent services are also present for wider options. You can also engage yourself in day-tours (with a consumable fee) in the morning to get a better glimpse of the beauty around Panglao.

    • Adventure-seekers’ haven. Some people choose Baler for surfing and Anilao for diving. At Panglao Beach, visitors can do both! With nice weather, wind, kite, and board surfing are becoming popular activities in the area. The island is surely blessed with amazing marine life as well, which makes this a haven for passionate divers, local and foreign ones alike.

    • The warm people of Bohol. Filipinos for a fact are generally warm and hospitable, but the Boholanos manifest this from the first Hi! and Hello!, up to the very last Salamat po!.

    • Peace and Quiet. One of the best things about Panglao is its ability to provide visitors a calm and genuinely relaxing vacation unlike any other. It’s the kind of vibe that will soothe not just your tired muscles, but your exhausted mind as well.

    So, book a flight to Bohol the next chance you’ve got! The tranquility, beauty and sheer awesomeness of Panglao Beach is waiting.

    Article by Beth Javines

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