February 05, 2015

Art in Island

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  • Our of the five senses that human beings have, the sense of sight helps in seeing and perceiving things. Perception relies on the brain taking in things, such as how shadows give objects their depth, shape and density through the eyes.

    Art in Island, located in Cubao, Quezon City, uses perception and participation for its patrons to have an unforgettable experience. Being one of the biggest interactive art museums in South East Asia, they house over 50 kinds of 3D paintings with varied themes divided into places such as their Fantasy Zone, Aqua Zone, Religion Zone, Masterpiece Zone, Animal Zone and the Central Hall

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    Using optical illusions or Illusion Art, Art in Island has paintings on the walls and floors that deceive and mislead the mind giving them a 3-dimensional effect. Playing around with shadows, they encourage visitors to participate in the art itself as taking photographs are highly encouraged. By standing alongside the paintings in various angles, the patrons themselves get to be a part of the experience as the pictures are taken. The spectators on the other hand experience excitement as they see paintings effects in different angles.

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    With different paintings ranging from scenes in the Safari, to images of gigantic fishes and times of long gone, it veers away from the usual concept of a museum wherein the visitor is just an observer. The founders made sure that the art museum encourages its visitors to participate in taking pictures as a trip to the place would not be complete without it. Shoes are also not allowed inside and flash from cameras are also prohibited. Placed just before the exit of the museum are the Korean painters who made the Illusion Art paintings come to life along with their miniature clay versions housed in glass displays.

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    Article by Joshua Bondoc

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