May 31, 2018

5 Things You Can Do With Your Beep Card

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  • Being stuck in Manila traffic is one huge nightmare especially because time is of the essence when living in the city. The next fastest way to get to the office in time? The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and the Light Rail Transit (LRT).

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    Commuters rely on the transit as their major transportation to work. Luckily, with this small plastic card called beep™ card, paying your transportation fee is just a tap away.

    Beep cards are used in LRT 1 & 2 , MRT 3, Point to Point buses and selected bus lines. But aside from the “contactless payment” for public transportation, there are a few things you can do with your Beep card that you might not know.

    Here are the top 5 things you can do with your Beep cards:

    • Pay your cinema tickets 

    Contactless payments are made easier with beep™ as it now lets you pay for movie tickets in just one tap! Yes, you read it right! You can now pay your movie tickets at Robinsons Movieworld in Galleria Ortigas, Manila, Magnolia, Metro East, and Forum!

    • Pay for your snacks at convenience stores

    No cash in hand? No worries! You can now pay for your snacks at the select branches of FamilyMart and Ministop with your beep card! To avoid the hassle, you can also reload here.

    • Pay your toll fees at NLEX and Cavitex 

    Want a hassle-free adventure on the road? Through beep, transaction time on toll gates will be easier and faster, cutting down the long lines. Just tap the card, and you’re ready to go!

    • Pay your meals at food joints

    Already feeling the summer heat? Head on to the nearest Wendy’s store and use your beep™ card to tap & pay for a Frosty.

    beep cardさんの投稿 2019年4月3日水曜日

    Take a break from that long commute, and have quick bites from the nearest Wendy’s stores using your beep card. Select branches of Binalot and Auntie Anne’s now accept beep cards as well.

    • Pay your clothes and accessories 

    Make Worship a lifestyle with beep. To know more, visit

    Make Worship a lifestyle with beep. To know more, visit

    beep cardさんの投稿 2019年5月20日月曜日

    Fan of the clothing brand Worship Generation? You can now shop for your favorite shirts and accessories from this merchant with beep.

    So what are you waiting for? Buy and load up your card to use it for easy transaction. You can also download the Beep app on Google Play and Apple Store to check your balance and monitor card transactions.

    To get real-time updates on their new retail partners, visit their official website or follow them on Facebook.

    Source: beep

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