January 13, 2022

Why Our Fresh Harvest is a Haven for Seafood Lovers

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  • If you’re a seafood lover, one that longs for the freshest products caught straight from the sea, Our Fresh Harvest is the place for you.

    This online seafood store offers freshly harvest high-quality seafood, which can be delivered straight to your homes.

    IMAGE from Our Fresh Harvest

    From its humble beginnings as a small neighborhood supplier, Our Fresh Harvest has grown and become popular for its newly harvested, fresh, juicy, and sweet shrimp. Usually harvested every Saturday, their catch are known for its freshness and sweetness.

    IMAGE from Our Fresh Harvest

    According to them, reservation is a must due to limited products and overwhelming demand by customers wanting fresh seafood.

    Aside from shrimp, they also offer palm-sized semi sun-dried baby milk fish and jumbo tilapia which they usually harvest once a month.

    Shrimps/IMAGE from Our Fresh Harvest

    They always announce the day of harvest about a week in advance on their social media accounts, so everyone can book ahead of time.



    Phone number: 0968-619-4918
    Facebook: @ourfreshharvest.ph  
    Instagram: ourfreshharvest.ph 

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