August 10, 2023

Mecha Uma in BGC: Serving Japanese-inspired International Cuisine

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  • Venturing into Japanese-inspired global cuisine introduces a captivating blend of traditional Japanese flavors and international culinary influences. This culinary journey allows you to experience the familiarity of Japanese ingredients intertwined with innovative techniques and tastes from around the world. Mecha Uma in BGC seamlessly excels in this realm, effortlessly harmonizing diverse culinary elements to create dishes that reflect their commitment to creativity and expertise. By trying Mecha Uma’s Japanese-inspired global cuisine, you’ll be treated to a symphony of flavors that celebrate both tradition and innovation, ensuring a dining experience that’s both unforgettable and unparalleled.

    Located in the bustling Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Mecha Uma is a culinary powerhouse that fuses Japanese and international flavors in an innovative way. They offer a sensory journey that showcases the artistry of the culinary world, where traditional techniques meet modern interpretations.

    IMAGE from Mecha Uma Facebook page

    Mecha Uma’s interior reflects a minimalist yet sophisticated atmosphere, emphasizing the focus on the culinary experience. The open kitchen concept allows diner to witness the culinary magic firsthand, as skilled and seasoned chefs meticulously prepare Japanese-inspired dishes using premium ingredients imported from Japan such as seafood and meat. The chef’s table seats ten, and there are just a handful of tables for a la carte dining, which is available daily.

    Indulging in the Omakase course meal by Chef Bruce Ricketts offers a captivating culinary voyage curated by a renowned innovator. This experience promises an exploration of premium seasonal ingredients, creatively presented in dishes that reflect his expertise and artistic vision. With the element of surprise, personalized interactions, and a narrative woven through each course, the dishes transforms dining into an immersive journey that celebrates the essence of culinary craftsmanship and storytelling.

    Aside from Omakase course meals,  Mecha Uma has an a la carte menu that is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to creativity and excellence. The dishes are thoughtfully crafted to reflect the culinary traditions of various countries, while also incorporating the flavors, ingredients, and techniques used in Japanese cooking.

    For starters, try the Toro Nigiri, a masterpiece of hand-pressed sushi rice adorned with sumptuous slices of the finest fatty cuts of tuna. These prized slivers of tuna are meticulously smoked in their very own succulent fat, infusing them with a unique and irresistible depth of flavor. The moment you taste toro, you’ll be captivated by its unparalleled allure. Its cool and meaty texture fuses seamlessly with the creamy richness of the belly fat, creating a sublime, buttery sensation that gracefully melts in your mouth with every bite.

    IMAGE from Mecha Uma Facebook page

    Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Mecha Uma’s contemporary and yummy take on Yakisboba, a Japanese-style stir-fried noodles. The secret lies in the meticulous stir-frying of house-made egg noodles, elegantly seasoned with fragrant crab chili oil. To enhance this culinary masterpiece, it’s paired it with the creaminess of avocados, blended into a luscious sauce that’s diced for a velvety, buttery bite.

    IMAGE from Mecha Uma Facebook page

    Experience a symphony of taste and texture with our King Crab and Coconut creation. Starting with fresh coconut milk, carefully cooked it until it transforms into latik. Then, they elevate this with shallots, dried shellfish, and the vibrant zest of yuzu, crafting a base that envelops the succulent king crab meat.

    IMAGE from Mecha Uma Facebook page

    Mecha Uma presents a captivating fusion of Japanese and international flavors, skillfully executed in a contemporary culinary landscape, where the menu evolves with the freshest seasonal ingredients and the chef’s creative prowess. By trying their Japanese-inspired offerings, you’ll be treated to a symphony of flavors that celebrate both tradition and innovation, ensuring a dining experience that’s both unforgettable and unparalleled.

    General Information

  • G/F, RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center, 25th St, Taguig City
  • (02) 8801-2770
  • 0919-084-5537
  • 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. (Wed-Sun)
  • Mon-Tue
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