May 02, 2022

Let’s Cook: Sukiyaki with Bean Vermicelli

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  • Cozy up at your next dinner with family and friends with this yummy sukiyaki recipe. Similar to shabu-shabu, this Japanese hot pot dish is made from thinly sliced beef and an assortment of vegetables cooked in a soy sauce-based broth that is full of bold flavors. This one pot wonder makes for a warm, hearty meal perfect for sharing!

    IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Sukiyaki with Bean Vermicelli

    500ml (2 cups) water
    100ml soy sauce
    100ml mirin
    30g brown sugar
    30g bean vermicelli
    300g beef, sukiyaki cut
    200g napa cabbage
    100g tofu
    50g scallions
    50g shungiku ( chop suey greens)
    50g konnyaku (yam cake)
    20g carrots
    50g mushrooms
    1 fresh egg, beaten


    Cooking directions:

    1. Chop all ingredients into bite-size pieces.

    2. In a pan, dissolve the soy sauce, mirin, and brown sugar into the water and simmer.

    3. Put the soup and the rest of the ingredients into a pan and bring to a boil.

    4. Lower the heat and simmer until everything is cooked through.

    5. Serve with the beaten egg as dip for the sukiyaki.

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