October 10, 2022

Let’s Cook: Bisugo Ceviche

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  • Ceviche is a famous Latin American dish made from fresh fish and other seafood that is cured in lime juice and mixed with chili, cilantro, shallots, and other spices. Also known as “kinilaw” in Filipino, this quick and easy recipe makes an elegant appetizer to precede a heavier dish. To make it more accessible to locals, Chef Takashi used bisugo (golden threadfin bream) on his take on ceviche. Thick and meaty, bisugo is versatile white-fleshed fish with a mild and clean taste that is perfect for this South American staple.

    Bisugo Ceviche

    IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    80g bisugo fillet (10g x 8)
    30g tomatoes
    30g shallots
    10g calamansi juice
    5g minced garlic

    Seasoning mix:
    30g cane vinegar
    5g soy sauce
    3g white sugar
    1 pinch salt and pepper
    1g dashi powder
    2g grated ginger
    10g calamansi juice

    Cooking Directions:
    1. Peel and slice the shallots thinly and soak in water.
    2. Deseed the tomatoes, then slice them thinly.
    3. Slice the bisugo fillet thinly.
    4. Combine the ingredients for the seasoning mix together.
    5. In a bowl, combine the seasoning mix and sliced ingredients together and serve in a bowl as shown in the picture above.
    6. Garnish with chopped garlic and drizzle with calamansi juice. Serve.

    About Chef Takashi

    IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    A veteran chef with more than a decade of experience working in the kitchen, Chef Takashi Kawasaki turns local and easy-to-find ingredients into yummy treats that will make you ask for more. He specializes in Japanese cuisine prepared with a local twist. You should check him out on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

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